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 THE Dark Eldar FAQ

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PostSubject: THE Dark Eldar FAQ   THE Dark Eldar FAQ I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 19 2011, 00:53

I'm going to the UKGT in March and they have just released their own FAQ for the event which I find is quite Dark Eldar lite. I'd like to compile a few additions to suggest to them as there are things I would like clarified but perhaps we could also use this thread to compile our own definitive FAQ for anything not covered by GW.

The FAQ will obviously be unofficial but hopefully used by players who simply want to find clarification for rules affecting the DE. Simple. When discussing answers you will need to cite similar issues and a solid argument for the ruling.

My main two are what is the answer to who trumps who: Lance vs Quantum and where can you measure from when getting out of the Raider, ie the prow.

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PostSubject: Re: THE Dark Eldar FAQ   THE Dark Eldar FAQ I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 19 2011, 01:35

That sounds like a very useful idea.

Well for the first I would say that Yes lances affect QS. The reasons for which I think Tiri Rana put it best when he said
Quote :
"The term 'counts as' is always used to show that something gets some properties, either temporarily or for special purposes."
So counts as '+2 AV' means that your 'AV' is 13.

And for getting out from a raider I think it should come down to clarifying with your opponent what the hull is at the beginning of the game. The first round of the game is making sure you and your foe are on the same page.

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PostSubject: Re: THE Dark Eldar FAQ   THE Dark Eldar FAQ I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 21 2011, 00:01

Did you mena something like that?

Q: For the purposes of generating a pain token, which of the following situations counts as a non-vehicle enemy unit being destroyed by a Dark Eldar unit with Power From Pain (PfP)?
Counts as destroyed by a Dark Eldar unit w/PFP:
Destroyed by a sweeping advance
Destroyed by No Retreat!
Destroyed by a vehicle explosion caused by a Dark Eldar unit.
Destroyed by being unable to disembark because of being surrounded by a Dark Eldar unit.

Does NOT count as destroyed by a Dark Eldar unit:
Destroyed by Perils of the Warp.
Destroyed by failed Dangerous Terrain tests.
Destroyed by a Deep Strike mishap.
Destroyed by Falling Back off the table.
Destroyed by being unable to disembark or otherwise be placed onto the table because of Terrain or friendly units.

Q: How exactly does the destruction of an enemy characters retinue work in regards to generating pain tokens?
A: If the the character is killed while being part of the retinue unit, for example because retinue and character are wiped out at the same time, or the character is removed before the last model of the retinue, then only one pain token is generated. However, if the retinue is killed first leaving the character alive, one pain token is generated for the retinue and the (now) Independent Character will be worth another if killed later

Q: When calculating the number of Bladevane hits inflicted, is a separate D3 rolled per model or is a single D3 rolled and then multiplied by the number of models with Bladevanes?
A: Roll a separate D3 for each model in the unit with Bladevanes.

Q: Does a Spirit Probe count as a special close combat weapon and/or grant the +1A bonus for having two close combat weapons?
A: No in both cases.

Q: Does a Cronos that destroys a non-vehicle enemy unit by using a spirit syphon. spirit vortex or spirit probe generate more than one pain token? And if it does, can it give them away to other units?
A: Yes, and no. It can generates two or even three pain tokens, one by Power from Pain and one by a spirit syphon's, vortex' or probe's special rules involved, but it can only give away those generated by a spirit syphon, vortex, or probe.

Q: Is an enemy tank able to ram a Razorwing?
A: Yes, if it is able to get into contact with the Razorwing.

Q: How are template weapons resolved against a Razorwing?
A: Unless specified otherwise, template weapons are used as if they attacked a unit on an other height level. The firer holds the template so, that it's small end is over the weapons barrel and the other end over the Razorwing, when seen from above.

Q: Can a Voidraven use a Void Mine while Shaken?
A: No, using a void mine counts as using a weapon and so can't be done, when the general use of weapons is denied.

Q: Is the scatter for a Void Mine reduced by the firer's Ballistic Skill? Is it affected by Night Fighting?
A: The Void Mine doesn't scatter, but is merely moved, so it's firer's BS isn't substracted.. A Void Mine is not a shooting attack, so it is not affected by Night Fighting, Veil of Tears, etc, and does not affect the Voidraven's choice of target in the subsequent shooting phase

Q: What happens to a model that is immune to Instant Death and fails its Implosion Missile characteristic test?
A: Then the attack inflicts a single wound on this model instead.

Q: Does Drazhar count as a Klaivex for the purposes of his Onslaught and Murderous Assault special rules?
A: Yes he does.

Q: Lady Malys (and any unit she joins) is completely immune to the effects of psychic
powers. Does this mean, they are immune to the instant death effect caused by forced weapons?
A: Yes, they are.

Q: Does a Djin Blade still provide its two bonus attacks if the bearer fights with a different special close combat weapon?
A: No, as it is a special close combat weapon, if the bearer chooses to fight with a different special close combat weapon then no benefit is gained from the Djin Blade for that round of combat.

Q: Are the actual models covered by a Shattershard template specifically affected by the weapon or can the hits be allocated to other models as with normal template weapons?
A: Hits may not be allocated (only wounds can), so the models under the template are the ones affected. Roll the characteristic test for each model individually.

Q: If a weapon that ignores invulnerable saves wounds a model with a Shadow Field does this cause the field to be destroyed?
A: No, a saving throw must actually be rolled and failed.

Q: Can a Soul-Trap be used to double its bearers Strength more than once?
A: It can. A second successful use doubles the already doubled characteristic (to a maximum of 10).

Q: Can Chain-Snares be used to attack the same unit more than once in the same movement phase? Does using Chain-Snares restrict where the vehicle can shoot in the subsequent Shooting phase?
A: No and no.

Q: How are attacks made in the movement phase (chain snares, void mines and bladevanes) resolved, especially considering cover saves?
A: They are resolved like shooting attacks. But for determining cover, only models actually in or touching a piece of cover between them and the starting position of the vehicle attacking are considered to be in cover unless protected by a special rule, wargear, etc, that provides a cover save
(like an Ork Kustom Force Field). Note that although resolved like shooting attacks, they are not shooting attacks and therefore cannot be saved by rules that only grant cover saves against shooting attacks (like a Tyranid Venomthropes Spore Cloud, for example).

Q: How is the halfrange for Melta weapons calculated against a vehicle with Night Shields?
A: The overall range of the weapon is first reduced by 6” and then halved to determine the half-range for the Melta ability.

Q: Does the +D3 armor bonus provided by Shock Prow apply if an enemy model (including a
Walker) attempts a Death or Glory attack against the vehicle during its Ram?
A: No, the bonus only applies when calculating ram hits (both on and from the vehicle).

Q: Can an Acothyst use either a Scissorhand or Flesh Gauntlet along with his normal poisoned weapons to gain the +1A bonus in combat for having two weapons?
A: No, as they (despite all being poisoned weapons) are different special close combat weapons.

Q: Can a Talos Pain Engine replace its optional Close Combat Weapon with a second Liquifier Gun?
A: No, a Talos may only upgrade one, not any Close Combat Weapon.

THE Dark Eldar FAQ Tdcawardssigbestrules
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PostSubject: Re: THE Dark Eldar FAQ   THE Dark Eldar FAQ I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 15 2012, 22:26

i think the faq from GW is clear enough so your version would be incorrect

Q: Do the implosion missiles of the Voidraven Bomber have any effect
upon models that are immune to Instant Death, for example those with
the Eternal Warrior special rule? (p47)
A: No.
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PostSubject: Re: THE Dark Eldar FAQ   THE Dark Eldar FAQ I_icon_minitime

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THE Dark Eldar FAQ
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