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 2000pt Semi-Competitive List

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PostSubject: 2000pt Semi-Competitive List   2000pt Semi-Competitive List I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 17 2018, 12:27

Battalion, Outrider and Spearhead Detachments (+7 CP) - 1997 points - 95 Power
- Alliance of Agony: -1 CP
- Prizes from the Dark City: -1 CP

Battalion - Kabal - Obsidian Rose

No Force Org

- Court of the Archon - 2 Sslyths + 1 Llhamaean - 69pts

- Archon with Blaster and Power Sword (Warlord: Hatred Eternal) - 91pts
- Archon with Blaster and Agoniser - 91pts

- 10 Kabalite Warriors (2 Shredders, Splinter Cannon, Sybarite has Splinter Rifle and Agoniser) - 90pts
- 10 Kabalite Warriors (2 Shredders, Splinter Cannon, Sybarite has Splinter Rifle and Power Sword) - 90pts
- 10 Kabalite Warriors (2 Blasters, Splinter Cannon, Sybarite has Blast Pistol and Agoniser) - 118pts

Heavy Support
- Ravager (3 Dark Lances, Shock Prow and Grisly Trophies) - 143pts

- Voidraven (2 Void Scythes and Voidraven Missiles) - 165pts

Outrider - Wych Cult - Red Grief


- Succubus with Blood Glaive and Blast Pistol (Warlord Trait: Hyper-Swift Reflexes) - 60pts

- 10 Wyches (2 Hydra Gauntlets, 1 Shardnet and Impaler, Hekatrix has Blast Pistol and Power Sword) - 107pts
- 10 Wyches (2 Razorflails, 1 Shardnet and Impaler, Hekatrix has Blast Pistol and Agoniser) - 107pts

Fast Attack
- 5 Hellions (Helliarch has Stunclaw. Splinter Pistol and Phantasm Grenade Launcher) - 80pts
- 6 Reavers (2 Blasters, 2 Grav-Talons, Arena Champion has Power Sword) - 158pts
- 3 Reavers (Heat Lance, Grav-Talon, Arena Champion has Agoniser) - 76pts

- Razorwing Jetfighter (2 Dark Lances and Splinter Cannon) - 155pts

Spearhead - Coven - Prophets of Flesh


- Haemonculus with Stinger Pistol, Venom Blade, Ichor Injector and Nightmare Doll (Warlord Trait: Diabolical Soothsayer (+1-3 CP)) - 82pts

Heavy Support
- 1 Cronos Engine (Spirit Probe and Spirit Vortex)
- 1 Talos Engine (Talos Gauntlet, Twin Liquifier Gun and 2 Haywire Blasters) - 128pts
- 1 Talos Engine (Chain Flails, Ichor Injector and 2 Heat Lances) - 107pts

This is a potential list that I might use for a tournament in a few months. I've tried to keep it balanced and diverse so that it matches the fluff that I'm writing at the moment. Personally, I don't mind foot-slogging my troops, which is why I've neglected to add any transports in this list - Plus, the Kabal and Cult obsessions kinda make up for it.

I should also note that this list was written post-Codex, but pre-big FAQ, as the tournament in question was already working with the whole 'no more than three of a datasheet' rule that's been added - in my opinion, I quite like this rule, as it promotes more fluff-based and diverse lists.

As always, comments, suggestions and tactical tidbits are greatly appreciated.
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2000pt Semi-Competitive List
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