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PostSubject: List assistance   List assistance I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 16 2018, 16:02

So I'm trying to decide what to do with a flex spot in my list and I've come down to 3 options and can't quite decide so I thought I'd get some outside opinions.

So the spot can either be

-A 4th unit of 5 wyches with blast pistol, agonizer, and shardnet in a venom plus enough points left over for either 4 Splinter cannons on the venom or 4 blast pistols on my kabalites.

-6 reavers with 2 blasters and 2 grav and an agoniser

-10 mandrakes

I can post the full list but basically I've got the black heart spearhead for anti tank. A flayed skull battalion then the cult. Of note the cult is locked in as the cult of strife which isn't the best or worst for the reavers.
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List assistance
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