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 1k List for friendly game

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1k List for friendly game Empty
PostSubject: 1k List for friendly game   1k List for friendly game I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 16 2018, 12:44

Hey Everyone,
The Codex is so full of awesome stuff to try and I'm going up against either IGuard/SM/Orks/Death Guard/ Necrons. in a friendly 2vs 2 (who I'm playing with and against is determined when we start te game)

I came up with this list and I'm hoping to get some feedback on its viability.

2 Detachments

1 Spearhead with prophets of the flesh
Urien (also warlord)
2x 5 Wracks (backfield control mostly)
3 Talos with scalpels and cannons

1 Outriders detachment of Grief
1 Succubus Bloodglaive
3 x 6 Reavers with 2 blasters

1001 points(we handle a max 5 point over the pointlimit in friendly games)
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1k List for friendly game
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