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 1500 vs IG/IKnights

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PostSubject: 1500 vs IG/IKnights   1500 vs IG/IKnights I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 14 2018, 19:09

A fun game I had today (in what was supposed to be a tourney, but 3 people showed up so it ended up very much beer and bretzel).

I played :

Kabal of the Black Heart
- Archon with trait that stayed backfield
- Ravager
- 9 kabs + raider

Kabal of the Flayed Skull
- Archon that went with the 9 kabs in the raider
- 10 kabs + raider
- Haywire scourges

Red Grief
- 12 reavers (1 squad)
- 10 hellions
- 10 wyches
- Raider

He played :
- Imperial Knight (crapton of weapons)
- 2 commander Leman Russes
- 60ish guards to protect alla daisy chain
- 10 snipers
- Some HQs

How it went :

- I finished deploying first, and i got the initiative, but it was seized and HOLY DONKEY, that first turn hurt me a lot. It got the Wych Raider down to 1 wound (lucky me), destroyed all the hellions, 8 reavers, and sniped 2 wounds of my succubus. I had spent some CP to buff the Bikes to T6, and spent another 2 CP to prevent them from routing. A lot of CPs spent into protecting that unit... but it was worth it.

- My scourges were utterly disappointing. They shot 9 times, hit 5 times, and dealt 1 MW, then died right after. But the kabalites with blasters... oh god, the blasters. They feel so good to use. I blew up a leman russ in my first turn, and dealt 4 wounds to another one with some dissie shots. My anti-infantry fire was... okay. I was killing things, but not murdering them.
The first real MVP were the remaining 4 bikes, that managed to charge a squad, then consolidate into the tank, blocking it for half the game.

- He continued to blow up things with the Knight, and massacred the wyches down to one, as well as wounding the Succubus down to 1 wound. I really felt the defeat coming...

But then, my second turn, i kicked 17 wounds onto the Knight with blasters and dissies. My red glaive succubus and her lonely wych-buddy killed 7 guards. My 2 Archons charged with kabalites, killed many guards, and one Archon drank the soul of a Commissar, pumping him to 6 S5 AP-2 Dd3 attacks. I also locked the Leman Russ in combat.

He tried to charge my Archon, but i succeded my overwatch (after rerolling a 1), and blasted him 3 damage with a blast pistol. He then missed his attacks, and got butchered by the Archon (having S5 thanks to Soul Trap helped a lot to wound the T8).

Turn 3 and 4 was more of a finisher with very little units left on his side.

Battle analysis :

- Even though initiative got seized, the fact that half my army was DSin really got my back and left him shooting at T6 bikes... so we have excellent beta-striking, I think.

- Scourges got unlucky, but can do a LOT more. Blasters on the other hand are absolutly brilliant. The fact that you have 2 blasters in each squad lets you shoot them almost one at a time, and thus never overkill, which is amazing. Dissies are also cheap and very good.

- Hellions couldn't survive the alpha strike, but they could have been incredibly potent if i had kept the initiative. Bikes on the other hand won me the game, they glued 2 squads and a Leman Russ for 2 turns. Against the IG, having T6 on them is absolutly golden.

- Archons really kick a mule in CC. For 90ish points, they just rock. Soul-trap can also be very useful, as it allows them to threaten vehicles and super-heavies. With 6 attacks, AP-2 and D3, it's nothing to laugh at.

- Wyches are not that easy to get into CC when your opponent doesn't want them to. But when they are there, they murder things. Last turn, my succubus killed 4 guards (every attack killed), and the other wych killed 3 (every attack killed). Hitting on 2+ rerollable, then 2+ (or 3+ rerollable) with good AP is very good.

- I still think Dark Eldar have one of the most potent (and easy to get) anti-tank in the game. 94pts for 2 blasters in a 10 kabs squad is an absolute steal.

Conclusion :

I'm happy he seized initiative. If he hadn't, it would probably have been a murderfest, and it turned into a challenging game.

My Kabal
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1500 vs IG/IKnights
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