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 1500 coven + cabal list

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1500 coven + cabal list Empty
PostSubject: 1500 coven + cabal list   1500 coven + cabal list I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 14 2018, 10:26

1 battalion "serpeant's kiss"
Archon (venom blade, splinter pistol)
Archon (venom blade, splinter pistol)
2x Venom (2 splinter cannons) with 5 warriors on (1 blaster)
Venom (2 splinter cannons) with 5 warriors on
Scourges (4 blasters) x2

2 spearhead "flayed skull"
Archon (venom blade, splinter pistol)
Raveger (3 disintegrator) x3

3 spearhead "prophets of flesh"
Homuncolus (electrocorrosive whip)
Talos (2 macro scalpels, 2 splinter cannon) x3

=1500pts, 8CP

the idea is to leave archons alone to let them use their aura for reroll 1. Obviusly i use screaming jets on all ravegers. This is heavy anti infantry list but maybe 10 blasters are too low?
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1500 coven + cabal list
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