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 Alliance with Prizes!

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PostSubject: Alliance with Prizes!   Alliance with Prizes! I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 13 2018, 17:05


Patrol Detachment (Aeldari - Drukhari - Flayed Skull) [51 PL, 913pts]

Archon (Blast Pistol, Soulthirst, The Djin Blade, Warlord ) [86pts]

2x 5 Kabalite Warriors (blaster each) [94pts]

Scourges (6 with 3 blasters) - [123pts]

2x Ravager (2 Dissie, 1 Lance each) [260pts]

Razorwing Jetfighter (Dissies) [135pts]

2x Venoms (stock) [130 points]

1x Raider (Lance) [85 points]

Patrol Detachment (Aeldari - Drukhari - Prophets of Flesh) [285pts]

Haemonculus (Electro whip, Vexator Mask, Soothsayer] [76pts]

5 Wracks [45pts]

Scourges (7 with 4 Lances) [164pts]

Patrol Detachment (Aeldari - Drukhari - Red Grief) [219pts]

Succubus (Glaive - Hyper-swift Reflexes) [50pts]

8 Wyches (Agonizer, PGL, 1 shardnet/impaler) [84pts]

Raider (Lance) [85pts]

Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Aeldari - Drukhari - Obsidian Rose) [576pts]

Archon (huskblade, blaster, PGL) [96pts]

7 Incubi [112pts]

2x 5 Mandrakes [160pts]

6 Scourges (3 blasters) [123pts]

Raider (Lance) [85pts]

TOTAL: 1993pts

This list is an update of my Index strategy of a ‘hammer and anvil’ or encirclement list deploying Mandrakes and Scourges from the skies/warp for a Beta strike while a line of skimmers hammers the enemy and a few choice assault units use Stratagems, cover and speed to get good matchups on a turn 2/3 charge
In this version the Prophets detachment feels like kind of a stub, although 5 wracks as cheap Objective holders ain’t bad, plus it unlocks the Raiding Force CP, the extra Warlord traits and a chance to defray the CP cost of the Alliance and the Prizes; seems pretty solid. As-is the Haemo is basically a Vexator caddy to mix into the Incubi Raider (*insert insane babbling about T'au Overwatch here*). The Obsidian Rose Archon rides in his own Raider, accompanied by the Wracks. He is the 'final reserve' for end-game bullying around objectives
At this point my main question for discussion is whether or not to drop a little shooting in order to add in 3-4 Grotesques in the third Raider so that Each Patrol HQ has their own unique ‘bodyguard’. At the moment with only 2 ‘Assault Raiders’ I could lack redundancy - if one goes down then my mid-table assault could be stymied pretty easily. My hope is that between Burning Jets and Enhanced Aethersails I can get them up the board in decent shape, but I have a feeling that a third beat stick up front could be a better investment than the Razorwing, for instance? Obviously it’s hard to ignore T6 4++ Grotesques… Discuss.


The Good Doctor.
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Alliance with Prizes!
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