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 1000pt Wyches for a local event

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1000pt Wyches for a local event Empty
PostSubject: 1000pt Wyches for a local event   1000pt Wyches for a local event I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 12 2018, 00:30

I'll be going to a local event this weekend, 1000pts one detachment no named characters. I know the 18-20 folks attending will be running a lot of elite armies, with 4-5 space marine and chaos marine players, all-tank guard, and 3 tau players, so I'm taking the speedy gonzales approach with my wyches to hopefully tie things up lickity split.

Battalion (Red Grief)

HQ: Succubus, Blood Glaive, Blast Pistol, Quicksilver WL trait, +Str or +A depending on matchup

HQ: Succubus, shardnet+Impaler, +Mov

Troops: 5 wyches, blast pistol+Agonizer, Shardnet+impaler, +LD

Troops: 10 Wyches, 3x Razorflails, Blast Pistol+Agonizer, +A or +Str depending on matchup

Troops: 10 Wyches, 3x Hydras, Blast Pistol+Power Sword, +Str

Fast: 6 Reavers, 2 blasters, 2 grav-talons, agonizer, +T

Fast: 5 Hellions, Agonizer, +WS

Fast: 5 Scourges, 3 Blaster 1 Haywire (just what I have modeled)

Transport: Raider, Dark Lance, Phantasm

Transport: Raider, Dark Lance, Phantasm

Transport: Raider, Disintegrator, Shock Prow

2 Succubus and 5 wyches board the disintegrator raider to create THE SUCCU-BUS, which aethersails straight at the enemy to tie something up alongside the Reavers. 2 10-man squads get into position to disembark banking on the raider and reavers to take most of the fire. The hope is to create turn 1 tempo, turn 2 kill.
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1000pt Wyches for a local event
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