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 First Lists 500pts

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PostSubject: First Lists 500pts   First Lists 500pts I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 10 2018, 19:17


So I've been a Dark Angels player for a lot of years and not really run much else for 8th edition, so as part of a new slow grow league with my local gaming group I've decided to turn to the Drukhari side of things. As there is a mix of experience and age in the group we are starting at 500pts with only a patrol detachment allowed. After that its in 500pts steps with no restrictions etc.

So in my excitement I picked up one of the old 7th army boxes, unbuilt from a friend. Which contains:

15 wyches, 10 kabalites, 9 reavers, 5 scourges, 1 raider, 1 ravager and a venom. (My friend also included a Lelith and Archon model kindly).

So my problem is trying to build a list, I'm quite happy to buy or get more to make a workable list but I'm struggling. I've built two lists below but the main questions I have are what do I do with the HQ's and are these viable? Would I be better running Kabal or Wych Cult at 500? Also any reccomendations on Kabal/Cult choice would be interesting too.

List 1
Cult of the Red Grief
Succubus w/ Blood Glaive & Precision Blows
10 Wyches (3 w/wych weapons & agoniser)
Raider w/ DC
9 Wyches (1 w/wych weapon & agoniser)
Raider w/ DC
5 x Scourges (4 x Haywire Blasters)

List 2
Cult of the Red Grief
Succubus w/ Blood Glaive & Precision Blows
10 Wyches (3 w/wych weapons & agoniser)
Raider w/ DC
6 x Reavers (agoniser, 2 x heat lances, 2 x grav talons)
5 x Scourges (4 x Haywire Blasters)

List 3
Kabal (Unknown)
Archon w/ Huskblade
10 x Kabalite (2 blasters, 1 SC & agoniser)
Raider w/DC
5 x Scourges (4 x HB)
Ravager 3 x DL

Open to any suggestions or changes, I'm an idiot when it comes to Drukhari so feel free to bash away Razz

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First Lists 500pts
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