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 Semi-competitive 1500pt mixed footdar

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PostSubject: Semi-competitive 1500pt mixed footdar   Semi-competitive 1500pt mixed footdar I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 10 2018, 16:49

The new codex has my head spinning. I'm hoping to put together a mixed Aeldari/Drucharii force to try to make a reasonable fast-attack/jetbike heavy list. I love the idea of being super-mobile but don't really look forward to painting vehicles, so have themed everything more exodite, with the jetbikes as pegasui/winged stags (converted fantasy dark riders/wild riders respectively.) Eldar will be ice-themed, drucharii more fire=themed. I could probably put in a venom or two (eagle?), but otherwise am trying my best to avoid any major vehicular commitment. Monsterous things are OK.

Aeldari Battalion -Alitoc

135 Farseer on jetbike - Doom. Something else?
65 Warlock on bike - Jinx/Protect

60 Rangers x5
60 Rangers x5
158 Guardian Defenders x16, +Shuriken Cannon

Fast Attack
95 Shining Spears 31x3 Starlance
188 Shining Spears 31x6 Starlance
70 Swooping Hawks x5, Hawks Talon

Dark Eldar Outrider- Red Grief
60 points Succubus, Blood Glaive, Blast pistol, Warlord: Red Grief Succubus 50 1 55 5 1

Fast Attack
128 Scourges Blasters x4
128 Scourges Blasters x4
92 Scourges Haywirex4
142 Reavers x6, +2 grav-talons - Toughness drugs
71 Reavers x3, +1 grav-talons -Movement? Attacks?

3+3+1 = 7 Command Points

Guardians in WWP. Use the rangers infiltrated to protect the bikes T1 from enemy deepstrikers. The plan is for a big alpha or betastrike. Take a punch with sturdy on-board targets limiting the effectiveness of retaliatory shooting (no good lascannon targets at all, no vehicles), and then boost everything up the board for a big counterpunch. Everything hopefully a threat by the end of T1, (dropped in and shot, now right there in your face), forcing difficult targeting priority then as well, hopefully severely damaging 1 side of their board. Then use my superior mobility to finish off the rest of my opponents army. Cross-fit succubus takes the mvnt drugs and trys to keep up comically slowly.

0) Any critiques would be lovely, especially those that extend beyond my questions below

1) With only the bikes, rangers and characters on board, I'm worried about dying hard to an alpha strike. Bikes can be pretty squishy sometimes. They are all intentionally quite hard targets though

2) What second power for the farseer? Should I be trying to find points for a singing spear? Fortune to guard the guardians / big biker group? I could also merge up the bikes.

3) Enough anti-vehicle? 8 blasters +4 haywires, isn't the most, although spears are also solid against vehicles too?

4) Blasters or heat lances for the reavers? They seem like a good platform but I'd be worried they will just die after suicide charging/tying something up.

5) Not super-excited about the swooping hawks. But I'm excited by my ice-winged conversion...
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Semi-competitive 1500pt mixed footdar
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