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 ITC 2K tryptich love

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PostSubject: ITC 2K tryptich love   ITC 2K tryptich love I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 10 2018, 04:34

So all three sub factions and each has a job. I wanted to stray a little from the shootcentric lists we have gotten accustomed to over the last few editions and try something a little different. Not that a Kabal heavy list is bad, I wanted to give a go at creating something with synergies.

That being said, I’ll start with the Kabal of the Black Heart:
Archon with Husk and BP (Lab cunning)
Archon with Husk and BP
2x 10 kabs with 2 blasters and DL
10 Kab with 2 Blasters and SC
3 raiders with DL

Red Grief
Succubus with Blood Glaive
2x Succubus with shardnet and Impaler

4x 5 wyches w Shardnet and Impaler

Two raiders with DL

2x razorwings with DL

Prophets of Flesh
2 talosi
Cronos with probe and vortex

The coven units are a strong counter assault unit and help for those grey knight bombs. And the shardnets will help hold units and or screens.
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ITC 2K tryptich love
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