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 2000 pt list, First attempt

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2000 pt list, First attempt Empty
PostSubject: 2000 pt list, First attempt   2000 pt list, First attempt I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 09 2018, 17:33

I have been out of the game since 3rd edition, but having moved to a new area with a local game store with a very active 40k community i decided to get back in.  After reviewing the new Codex, this is the 2000 pt list i have decided to run, and build towards (I don't have all models yet).  I prefer to keep my army as What you see is what you get (WYSWYG), so some upgrade decisions are based on that (Scourges).

--Battalion-- -Kabal of the Black Heart - 853 Pts


Archon -  Venom Blade, Helm of Spite, Warlord: Labyrinthine Cunning.
Archon -  Venom Blade


10X Kabalite warriors - PLG, Dark Lance, 2x Blaster.
5x kabalite Warriors - 1x Blaster
5x Kabalite Warriors - 1x Shredder

Fast Attack

5x Scourges - 2x Blaster, 2x Haywire Blaster


1x Razorwing Jetfighter - 2x Dark Lance, 1x Splinter Cannon


1x Raider - Splinter Racks, Dark lance
2x Venom - Splinter Cannon

--Battalion-- -Cult of Strife- 503 Pts


Succubus - Impaler, Trait Precision Blows (Alliance of Agony)
Succubus - Agoniser


8x Wyches - Shardnet and Impaler
5x Wyches - Shardnet and Impaler
5x Wyches - Shardnet and Impaler

1x Raider - Dark lance
2x Venom - Splinter Cannon

--Spearhead-- -Prophets of Flesh- 644 pts


Urien Rakarth - Diabolic Soothsayer (Alliance of Agony)

Heavy Support

2x Cronos - Spirit Probe, Spirit Vortex
2x Talos - 2x Macro-Scalpel, 2x Haywire Blaster
2x Talos - 2x Macro-Scalpel, 2x Splinter Cannon

Pre-Battle Stategems

Alliance of Agony, Screaming Jets (Raider with 2 Blasters, D. Lance, Splinter Racks)

This list was designed with the idea that the Kabal can deep strike in the Battle Boat and Scourges, along with the Jet to try and take out important opponent heavy support.  While the Wych cults, and Kabal units not in deep strike can either distract from the approaching 4 Talos, 2 Cronos, and Urien.  Or The strategy can be split so the Coven provides the distract while the Wyches tie up key units and the Kabal flanks.  

I really like the idea of Urien walking into combat with his 4 Talos and 2 Cronos, all tough 7, 4+ invulnerable saves, with an absurd amount of fire power.

Any Feedback is welcome, some decisions were made for points or due to the models I have (Shredder in the 3rd Kabalite Squad was a models concession, and the 2 Haywires for the Talos unit was for points).
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2000 pt list, First attempt Empty
PostSubject: Re: 2000 pt list, First attempt   2000 pt list, First attempt I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 09 2018, 21:40

Seems solid, nice balance of the three factions so you can specialise later if you want. looking forward to hearing more, maybe even a Plog!

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2000 pt list, First attempt
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