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 2000pts ITC Pure Dark Eldar

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PostSubject: 2000pts ITC Pure Dark Eldar   2000pts ITC Pure Dark Eldar I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 09 2018, 02:12

Hey all.  After taking a break from Dark Eldar (played Chaos during the second part of 7th Ed.) I am getting back into my favorite army.  Let me know what you all think of the initial list I have draw up.  Locally we play a lot of ITC Champions Missions, and I am trying to make a pure Dark Eldar army that will be competitive in that environment.

 Ill be taking the three patrol detachments for +4CP and using the stratagem which allows me to give my Succubus and Haemy a warlord trait (mainly for the Haemy's trait of +D3 CP).  As for the rest of the army the plan is to use Screaming Jets on the two Raiders filled with Warriors as well as on the Ravager to ensure that I get a decent alpha or beta strike.  The Wyches and Coven units are there mainly to be a distraction and screen for my fragile army.  Hopefully the Reavers can be my work horses of the list, but they may be too fragile for this role.  Let me know what you all think.

Kabal of the Black Heart Patrol
Archon- Huskblade, Writ of the living muse, labrynith of cunning
10x Warriors- Dark Lance
10x Warriors- Dark Lance
5x Warriors- Blaster
2x Raider- Dark Lance
3x Venom- 2x Splinter Cannons
5x incubi
5x Scourges- 4x Blasters
Ravager- 3x Dark Lances
Razorwing- 2x Dark Lances

Cult of the Red Grief Patrol
Succubus- Glaive, Swift Reflexes
19x Wyches- 2x Razorflails, 1 Impaler
12x Reavers- 4x Blasters, 4x Grav-Talon

Prophets of Flesh Patrol
Haemonculus- Electrocorrosive while, Diabolical soothsayer
5x Wracks
Talos- 2x haywire blasters, 2x macro scapel
cronos- spirit probe, spirit vortex

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2000pts ITC Pure Dark Eldar
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