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 2k List: 2 Batallions, 1 Spearhead detachment; 2 Kabals 1 Coven

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2k List: 2 Batallions, 1 Spearhead detachment; 2 Kabals 1 Coven Empty
PostSubject: 2k List: 2 Batallions, 1 Spearhead detachment; 2 Kabals 1 Coven   2k List: 2 Batallions, 1 Spearhead detachment; 2 Kabals 1 Coven I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 08 2018, 23:11

Like others, this is my first list with the new codex. If i'm lucky, i could play this week on a tournament with this list, so i wanna know your opinion:

Batallion of the Kabal of the Poisoned Tonge (3 CP)

(2) Archon: Huskblade, Splinter pistol
(4) Kabalite Warriors: 4 Splinter rifle, 1 Blaster
(4) Lhamaean
(2) Raider: dark lance, splinter racks
(5) Venom: 2 splinter cannon

Batallion of the Coven of Tuelve (3 CP)

(2) Haemunculos: electrocorrosive whip, splinter pistol
(4) Wracks: 5 models, 1 with Ossefactor and Acotyst with Electrocorrosive whip

Spearhead detachment of the Kabal of the Black Heart (1CP)
(1) Archon: Huskblade, Splinter pistol
(4) Lhamaean
(3) Ravager : 1 DL, 2 Disintegrator Cannon
(1) Raider: disintegrator cannon

Total Points: 1955 (45 points remaining)
Total CP: 10

I have chosen the coven of twelve because with them the 6 electrocorrosive whip are AP-3 D2, and all the wracks gain a -1AP. I'm undecided, because the Prophets of flesh is very temptin (the trait and the 4++...)

The choice of poisoned tongue is to buff the venoms and the warriors, and the archon re-roll wounds and hits of 1 on CC too, so i think they are aceptable on melee.

And BH choice is for the trait, the stratagem and to make more resistent the ravagers.

Well, the idea is something like this:

Before the battle: BH Archon as warlord with the BH trait, expend 1 CP  on Alliance of agony and give to an Haemi the trait of master artisan, and expend another CP and equip to the PT archons with the Parasite Kiss and th Soul Seeker.
Remaining CP: 8 (at least)

Deployment: Warrior on the raiders, Wracks on venoms and the 2 haemi and the 2 PT archons together in a venom. If my rival have units with DS, the idea is use the  Lhamaean to neutralize it (carefuly, because now they are not characters). If him doesn't have DS, Lhamaean on the BH raider on DS with the Screaming Jets stratagem. BH archon near the ravagers to buff them.

The battle: Well, DL and Blaster to kill vehicles, Ossefactors to try to kill the tipical troublesome unit of snipers or with heavy weapons in cover with s2+ while  they advances to the melee, Splinter shots to kill the other units and the venom with the HQ near the wracks' venoms. If the lhamaean are on the raider, DS on the 2º turn

CP to use Agents of Vect, Souls Trap, Fire and Fade with the vehicles, re-roll wounds with the covens,  etc.

What do you think? What would you do with the remaining 45 points? What weakness do you see on the list, or what changes do you think that i should do?
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2k List: 2 Batallions, 1 Spearhead detachment; 2 Kabals 1 Coven
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