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 New Codex & no idea where to start

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New Codex & no idea where to start Empty
PostSubject: New Codex & no idea where to start   New Codex & no idea where to start I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 08 2018, 21:37

Hey TDC Smile

Been a while since I posted, tbh not played DE in 8th yet as I was annoyed I almost got my 7th 1850 list built just when the rules changed lol

I have instead been messing around with the Death Guard, but now our Dex dropped, I picked it up today & I'm looking to make a return, but sadly much has changed & I don't know where to even start Sad

Kabal of Broken Dreams 1849
DE CAD (1084)
Succubus, Glaive, AOM (110) Joins Grots.
4 x 5 Warriors, Cannon Venoms (420)
3 x 3 Reavers, CC (189)
2 x Triple Lance Ravagers (250)
1 x Triple Cannon Ravager (110)

HC Grotesquerie (440)
Haemonculus, SH (80)
Abber, SH + 2 x Grots, Raider, Aethersails (180)
Abber, SH + 2 x Grots, Raider, Aethersails (180)

HC Dark Artisan (325)
Haemonculus (70)
Chronos, Spirit Probe (125)
Talos, Ichor Injector (130)

This was my 7th list & I also have:

2 Lhamaeans
Helions (box)
Wyches (2 box)

Guess I'll finally build the Wyches & Helions, previously they were just used to convert my Succubus & Lhamaeans Smile

So I guess I'm asking if anyone wants to TheoryCraft me an army lol? Smile

I will start playing on Battle Scribe myself & post my efforts Smile
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New Codex & no idea where to start
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