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 All about Reavers

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PostSubject: Re: All about Reavers   All about Reavers - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 17 2011, 17:52

@Thor665 wrote:
Blasters and HL =/= pulverizing either, while we're at it. The value call is - to 'pulverize' something for the DE generally is a matter of attrition, and involves a lot of lances. The haywire blasters allow a fairly assured stunlock at a relatively minor targeting cost, which is the value. Believe you me - if Ravagers could take 3x Haywire Blasters, it would be a worthwhile build option, and I would not say the same for if they could take 3x Heat Lances (though that might get the Duke more play...)
The wisdom in planting an AV11 vehicle 9" away from enemy forces is indeed rather questionable. Razz The Reavers at least have some ablative guys before their AT weapons can be touched.

@Thor665 wrote:
I think Scourges can work 'well' with Heat Lances coming out of a WWP - functionally a 22" melta threat bubble from somewhere near the center of the table? Not shabby.

I agree with Shadow on this one...:

@Shadows Revenge wrote:
Only for 26 more points your getting 6 T4 5+ models with 12" movement and a 18" gun (effectively 30" movement, but seriously who doesnt try for the melta, so its actually 21") They have the ability to turbo-boost 36" (and gaining a 3+ coversave with it) as well as an Eldar Jetbike they get a 6" move if they do not charge and do not turbo-boost in the movement phase, and skilled riders.

I honestly can't justify HLs on Scourges with these guys available.

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PostSubject: Re: All about Reavers   All about Reavers - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 17 2011, 23:54

Something that do get missed when talking about Reavers is that they made their bladevane damage in movement phase.Whats the difference you say?

More morale checks.If you force enough loses in movement phase at the end of it there will be morale check, if enemy will fail it they will run immediatly.It will also make forcing more checks in following shooting phase easier.

If you make sucessfull tank shock at something and that something run - you can inflict 25% loses on unit and it will fail its morale check automatically and will run away again.After that you can do third morale check in shooting phase, which is easier since they have 25% of unit less.
So thats potentially 3 Fall Back movements per turn.

And we do have upgrade that gets LD lower.

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All about Reavers
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