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 2K 3 detachment list

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PostSubject: 2K 3 detachment list   2K 3 detachment list I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 08 2018, 15:03

So here is my first take on a new army for my True Kin

3 Detachments, 2k points.

First detachment is Kabal of the Black Heart (+1 of the power from pain table and vehicles get a 6+ FNP). Spearhead.
(76 pts) Archon with Huskblade and Writ of the Living Muse -
(140 Pts ea) 2x Ravagers with 3 Dark Lances
(125 Pts) Ravager with 3 Disentegrators
(90 pts ea) 3x Raiders with Dark Lances, Shock Prow, Phantasm Grenade Launcher and Grisly Trophies

Second Detachment is Cult of the Red Grief (Can advance and charge, and can re-roll charges) - Battalion
(59 pts) Succubus with Shardnet and Triptych Whip
(60 pts) Succubus with Blood Glaive and Blast Pistol
(96 pts ea) 3x 10 Wyches with 2 Hydra Gauntlets and a Sharnet
(154 pts ea) 2x 6 Reavers with two blasters and 2 Grav Talons

Third Detachment is Coven of the Dark Creed (-1 LD for enemy units within 6", to a ax of -3)
(81 pts ea) 2x Hameoncuus with Electrocrosive Whip and Stinger Pistol
(56 pts ea) 2x 5 wracks with an ossefactor
(90 pts) 10 wracks
(85 pts ea) 2x Raiders with Disintegrators, Shock Prow, Phantasm Grenade Launcher and Grisly Trophies

Rough tactics - Ravagers sit back and shoot. The archon sits nearby and gives them re-roll of 1's to hit and to wound. The Raiders are there for the wyches.

Wyches get in the Black Heart raiders, and shimmy down the field. Reavers slam in for a first turn charge to tie up units as need be.

The two wyches will join up with the Wracks and Hameys in their raiders. Dark creed is there to mess up LD. 10 man Wrack squad will hang back to screen and help hold objectives.

Blood Glaive Succubus is going to try and hunt down enemy warlord. If she can kill him, pop the strat for Pray they don't take you alive! (-1 army wide LD).

This means if I can get a PGL shot off, 3 Dark Creed units, and the aforementioned Strat, enemy units are -5 to LD.

The thing I like is that my whole offensive is not based around those LD shennanigans. They are a very powerful tool but not the only tool. The Whip Relic, depending on opponent, may get exchanged for the Helm of Spite on her or a Hamenoculi depending on opponent.

Starting with 10 CP and burning 3 on relics leaves me with 7 CP to play with. May throw one Raider with Wracks into the WWP for 1 CP depending on opponent too. Archon is warlord, and will burn 1 CP to give a trait to the Succubus and Hamey too. Hamey will take Fear Incarnate and Archon Labyrinth Cunning for CP recycling. Succubus trait will depend on opponent, but probably the +1 to Invul saves. 3++ is nice.

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2K 3 detachment list Empty
PostSubject: Re: 2K 3 detachment list   2K 3 detachment list I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 08 2018, 15:40

I think a list without kabalite warriors isn't going to be the strongest detachment, but that doesn't mean this won't be a fun list. 5 raiders packed full of assault units definetly means that at least something will make contact and those units hit at least much better than they use to. Couple thoughts:

Don't take 3 artifacts, it's just not worth the cps to get 3. 1cp for an extra one is nice, but 3cp is just too much. Probably drop the whip on the succubus.

Are all your characters footslogging? That really isn't ideal, especially since the haemonculi/ succubi won't be able to keep up with the units they should be buffing. I'd probably drop down the 10 man wrack unit to make room in one of the raiders, or find pts for a venom.

While the leadership shenanigans are fun, I'm not really sure how effective they are. Some matchups it's going to be not so useful with some armies migrating or ignoring moral. Biggest thing is though I just think the other two wrack traits may be more useful. I'd say try out the trait, see how it works in your games and see if it works out or not.

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2K 3 detachment list
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