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 New book new list 2000 pts

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PostSubject: New book new list 2000 pts   New book new list 2000 pts I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 08, 2018 8:14 am

Black heart spearhead

Venom blade, splinter pistol, cunning and writ. Warlord.

Ravager 3 dissies X2
Ravager 3 DL

Razorwing X2

Flayed skull battallion

Archon X2
Huskblade, splinterpistol

10 warriors X2
DL 2x blaster

5 warriors

Raider X2

Venom X2

Red grief outrider

Blood glaive, splinter pistol

12 Reavers
4 blasters, 4 grav talons

5 Scourges X2
2 blasters

So, trying something diffrent from What i usually play. All critique welcome as im finding the new book frustrating as im trying to get all the things i want inte the list whilst adhering to 3 detatchments.
The thinking of the list is to get the reavers up close and personal to try and tie stuff up early round while dishing out some mw and blastershots to get my opponent having to deal with them. Same with scourges, distraction and counter deepstrike. This while the dissies and Dark light keep raining from the back line.
My biggest question about this list is how to deny deepstrike and that it mitt be worth it to place the stuff from the flayed battallion inte the black heart spearhed making it a battalion and adding two naked kab squads as chaff in place of one Archon.
Halp plz!
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New book new list 2000 pts
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