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 1850 Mainly Wyches

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PostSubject: 1850 Mainly Wyches   1850 Mainly Wyches I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 08 2018, 07:12

Cult of Strife Battalion
Succubus w/Shardnet and Impaler
3XWyches with 1 Hydra gauntlet, agonizer and PGL on hekatrixes

Red Grief Battalion
Succubus (warlord) Blood Glaive, Stimm Addict
Succubus w/Shardnet and Impaler
4XWyches with 1 Hydra gauntlet, agonizer on hekatrixes
12 man reaver squad, 4 grav talons, 4 blasters, agonizer on champ

Black Heart Patrol
3Xwarriors w/blasters
2Xscourges w/4 blasters
4XRaiders w/dark lances

The idea is to put one Strife wych squad with one warrior squad, each in a raider, then one raider as a party bus with the incubi, drazhar, and the 4 succubi. The reavers and Red Grief wyches go for first turn charges while the raiders get in as close as possible and unload their rather limited firepower, then the scourges try to pop whatever the biggest threat is. Turn 2, the rest of the wyches, succibi, and incubi all get into stabbing range while the scourges and warriors in raiders provide close range support, as well as grab objectives.

Does this gameplan sound like it would work?

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PostSubject: Re: 1850 Mainly Wyches   1850 Mainly Wyches I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 08 2018, 07:16

I dont like the incubi on this list, you have already good CC without them and your party bus feel just like an easy juicy target for the ennemy. i also think you dont have enough anti vehicule
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1850 Mainly Wyches
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