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 Another kabalite is coming your way

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Another kabalite is coming your way Empty
PostSubject: Another kabalite is coming your way   Another kabalite is coming your way I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 07 2018, 22:11

Hello everyone.

My first experience with Warhammer 40 000 dates back from 5th-6th editions, at that time I had a 2000 points Tau army. I took a break after V6, sold my Tau and stopped the hobby for several years. Now I'm back into it and chose the Drukhari as my new army because I truly love their appearance, lore and playstyle.
To gather the base of my combat force, I have bought the [Start Collecting] (the kabal one, not the new one with the wyches), an additional raider and a squad of wyches.
I created a personal kabal named "Poisoned Wine" ; it is meant to be a part of "Poisoned Tongue" that has managed to gain its own influence and so has achieved independence.

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Another kabalite is coming your way
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