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 1800pts, 900 a piece Doubles

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1800pts, 900 a piece Doubles Empty
PostSubject: 1800pts, 900 a piece Doubles   1800pts, 900 a piece Doubles I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 07 2018, 12:31

I posted my initial plans for this list some time back, as in a couple of weeks I've got a Doubles Tournament coming up.

And obviously today I had to adjust my army list.

Anywho, this is the list me and my partner will be using.
Thoughts and advice on tactics would be appreciated, but its far too late to change it now.

The rules are one Detachment each only, 900pts each, CPs are shared as are Strategems (the core for everyone one ones). Both Warlords count.


Faction: Codex Drukhari (Kabal Of The Black Heart)
Detachment: Vanguard
Command Points: 1

HQ 1: Archon: Husk Blade, Splinter Pistol, Relic - The Animus Vitae, Warlord (Labyrinthine Cunning), [76]
Elite 1: 10 Mandrakes [160]
Elite 2: 10 Mandrakes [160]
Elite 3: 10 Mandrakes [160]
Fast Attack 1: 5 Scourge: 4 Blasters, [128]
Fast Attack 2: 5 Scourge [60]
Transport 1: Venom (2x Splinter Cannons, Grisly Trophies, [77]
Transport 2: Venom: 2x Splinter Cannons, Grisly Trophies, [77]

Total Points: 898

Obviously my half of it. I wanted to field all the Mandrakes, and Scourge are just fine for speed and shots. Venoms add for shots, and Archon to give them bonuses. Black heart for the Warlord Trait mainly, and added durability to the Venoms.

Faction: Codex Craftworlds (Iyanden)
Detachment: Vanguard
Command Points: 1

HQ 1: Farseer: Singing Spear, Relic - Psytronome Of Iyanden, Warlord (Seer Of The Shifting Vectors), Psychic Powers (Fortune, Doom, Smite) [105]
HQ 2: Spiritseer: Psychic Powers (Protect/Jinx, Smite) [45]
Elite 1: 5 Wraithguard: Wraithcannons, [200]
Elite 2: 5 Wraithguard: Wraithcannons, [200]
Elite 3: 5 Wraithblades: Ghostswords, [175]
Heavy Support 1: Wraithlord: Brightlance, Flamer, Ghostglaive, [171]

Total Points: 896

Yep. Wraiths.

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1800pts, 900 a piece Doubles
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