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 Kabal/Cukt list. 1500pts

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Kabal/Cukt list. 1500pts  Empty
PostSubject: Kabal/Cukt list. 1500pts    Kabal/Cukt list. 1500pts  I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 04 2018, 23:30

So I’ve been trying to write pure Cult lists and finding it hard to come up with a list I’m happy with. So I thought I’d cave and go combined arms.

Can you give me some criticism on this list please.

No ravagers because I prefer the razorwings aesthetics. Other than that I’m open to suggestions.

Current obsessions are
Flayed skulls
Red grief
Cursed blade.

Plan is unit 10 CB Wyches in the Red grief raider, use sails for turn one charge into jucy unit.

Reavers charge back field heavy support

Razorwings and scourges target biggest armour threat

Succubus follow up with unit 5 Wyches

Kabal stays back and shoots.


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Lord Asvaldir
Lord Asvaldir

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Kabal/Cukt list. 1500pts  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kabal/Cukt list. 1500pts    Kabal/Cukt list. 1500pts  I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 04 2018, 23:57

Honestly if you want to go pure cult, I'd say you should do it, especially since you want to take fliers over ravagers. I'm sure you can make a solid cult battalion, probably based around 3 wych units in raiders backed up by a mix of hellions/reavers, while scourges/fliers provide your fire support. You'll probably want to take an airwing, since 3 fliers can provide the solid amount of ranged support you'll need. Biggest choice is probably if you want to focus on hellions/reavers or wyches, as that choice will significantly impact the rest of your list.

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Kabal/Cukt list. 1500pts
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