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 1250 local.

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1250 local.  Empty
PostSubject: 1250 local.    1250 local.  I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 23 2018, 11:40

So depending on work I may be attending a 1250 tournament in May. I've not had a chance to really play this edition as of yet so will need serious game time in to prepare.
General rules for the event are linked below but the gist is:

No named characters.
No lords of war.
No forge world.
No repeating units except troops.

Which basically means I'm taking one venom, one raider, one ravager etc. I've had issues with these rules in the past since dark elder don't do well outside of their transports but I'll make due. I'm gonna be working on a list tonight but rough idea is to spam what little dark lances I can get, scourges, trueborn maybe a large blob of reavers with blasters or something.

Rough list so far looks like this.

Archon, blaster.

Trueborn x4 blaster

Ravager xDark lance

Razorwing, dark lances

Scourges, x4 blasters.

Venom, duel cannons.
Raider, dark lance.

As for troops, I'm kinda stumped. Will most likely deepstrike the trueborn with archon and scourges so it's a case of taking a 5 man squad with blaster in the venom and a 10 man squad for the raider with blaster and possible dark lance.

Thoughts and alternatives?
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1250 local.
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