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 New player lf advice 2k points

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New player lf advice 2k points Empty
PostSubject: New player lf advice 2k points   New player lf advice 2k points I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 22 2018, 12:36

Yes, yes, another newby post, but there are just a few things I want to clarify about my list because it seems to have something that I spotted most people aren't mentioning, and that's Talos. I'm following much of what I think is meta but with a small twist. I do need to pick up Ravagers at some point so that is something I know I will consider it the future, probably 3 to hit that sweet spot. So this is the list I currently have. Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Battalion Detachment


Haemonculus (Warlord): Agoniser, Master Regenerist, Parasite's Kiss
Archon: Huskblade (only because I had the points), Blaster


5x 5 man Kabalite Warrior's: 1x Blaster in each squad

Fast Attack

5 man Scourges: 4x Dark Lances
5 man Scourges: Base

Heavy Support

3x Talos: Base

Dedicated Transport

5x Venom: Splinter Cannon on each Venom

Air Wing Detachment

3x Razorwing Jetfighter: 2x Dark Lance on each Razorwing

So altogether it seems to be what I want to play with plus sitting in a position where Dark Eldar is playing at its peak with the Scourge's making their drop on the enemy lines in the first turn with the rest of your army moving up the board and the Razorwings flying around the edges, zapping priority targets and what not. The only separation I have here from other people is obviously the Talos. Is it really worth my time? Based on the games I've had, they've tied up advancing units pretty well with the Archon and Haemonculus tagging along in the squad, they are a threat that draws firepower and they generally weather whatever they are being shot with, but are Ravagers more worth my time or are Reavers?

I currently own 21 Reavers because I found a guy on a facebook group selling them very cheap, new in the box, so I lashed out and got them because I love bikes because I played with bikes in my previous Chaos Space Marine army and loved them. So its a nice fluffy choice for me flavour wise in regards to gameplay I enjoy playing with.

I'll still run the Talos regardless because I love the units but if I wanted to take the list to a tournament or to really "kick someone in the dick" as we say at one of our clubs, what changes should I make, not even just to the Talos.

Any advice or critique is highly appreciated and thank you for your time if you reply to this.
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New player lf advice 2k points
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