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 Returning to Raiding! Bezeker Rhino Rush / Black Templar 1500 point game List

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Returning to Raiding! Bezeker Rhino Rush / Black Templar 1500 point game List Empty
PostSubject: Returning to Raiding! Bezeker Rhino Rush / Black Templar 1500 point game List   Returning to Raiding! Bezeker Rhino Rush / Black Templar 1500 point game List I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 21 2018, 16:42

Greetings fellow denizens of Comorragh!

Having been absent from the 40k universe for almost 13 years, I have recently acquired a Drukhari army and am itching to enslave some of the lesser races!

All theatrics aside, I have a few games lined up over the next few weeks against some old friends who have also been drawn back to the hobby, sporting a various selection of armies, from a Guilliman Ultra/castle list, Khorne Chaos List with winged daemon prince and Bezerker/rhinos, AdMech robot spam list and an armour heavy Guard list, amongst others.

Up first on Saturday my minions will be taking on the Khorne list, then a very unfluffy Templar ‘shooty’ list with landraider, devastators and character spam.

Keen to sharpen up a bit and give myself a good fighting chance against these codex/stratagem rich factions, I thought I’d approach some more seasoned and experienced players in 8th edition and run my list by them. Which brought me here.

From the reading I’ve done so far on 8th edition Drukhari tactics, especially against MEQ armies, I’ve deduced the following (please fee free to correct me!)

- Bring as much Darklight as possible
- Kabalite spam is great for securing objectives
- Raiders and venoms are great for soaking up overwatch or even charging units on their own, keeping the frail infantry able to shoot for another turn.
- Forget about being particularly competetive in close combat unless your charge/strike is timed perfectly with no chance of being countercharged
- Mandrakes are great!
- Haemonculus is our only real CC HQ worth taking, but will be difficult to get into position to do much damage unless it’s from a countercharge

1500 list (Batallion)

Archon - Warlord (Hatred Eternal)
Agoniser, B Pistol
68 pts

with/ Court
Sslyth, Ur-ghul, Lhamaen, Medusae
90 pts

Haemonculus -
Crucible, Relic (Parasite Kiss), Electro whip
83 pts

Kabalite Squad 1
x4 splinter rifles, x1 Blaster
50 pts

Kabalite Squad 2
x4 splinter rifles, x1 Blaster
50 pts

Kabalite Squad 3
x5 splinter rifles
35 pts

Kabalite Squad 4
x5 splinter rifles
35 pts

Trueborn (5)
X4 blasters, Dracon with Splinter rifle
115 pts

X5 mandrakes, 1 nightfiend
114 pts

Fast Attack

X4 Dark lances, Solarite w/ Shardcarbine
150 pts

Heavy Support

Ravager 1
X3 Dark lances
155 pts

Ravager 2
X3 Dark lances
155 pts

X2 splinter cannons, x2 macro scalpels
126 pts

Dedicated Transports

Raider (for Archon/Court/Blasterborn)
X1 Dark lance
115 pts

Venom 1 (for Kabalite Squad 1)
Splinter cannon / twin splinter rifle
80 pts

Venom 2 (for Kabalite squad 2)
Splinter cannon / twin splinter rifle
80 pts

Total: 1501 points - 6 CPS

The Plan:
Kabalites to zip around, draw fire, grab objectives and if necessary, provide deep strike denial dpending on deployment zone.

Ravagers and scourges to provide anti tank, archon/blasterborn fire support to kablites until the raider gets destroyed (as I imagine it will have a big target painted on it) and the court/archon to counter charge anything that starts to get too close. The Talos/Haemy tag team placed centrally for a counter charge if my opponent manages to get through the Kabalite screen and/or the Court.
Despite what I’ve read about the Talos I think with the Haemy it should do ok if they both get stuck in together, plus it could be a reasonably good distraction for my opponent on some of my heavy firepower, as I doubt my opponents will know it’s capabilities that well (they’ll probably assume it’s a lot scarier than it actually is!)

Mandrakes to deploy after a couple lf turns when a gap opens on a character/long range unit (such as devestators for Templars) or vehicle (such as land raider) to shoot up/tie up respectively.

I’d really appreciate any advice/tweaks so that the Drukhari can gain a much needed reputation as a force tk be feared amongst my local group!

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Returning to Raiding! Bezeker Rhino Rush / Black Templar 1500 point game List
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