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 500 point tournament Harlequins

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500 point tournament Harlequins Empty
PostSubject: 500 point tournament Harlequins   500 point tournament Harlequins I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 20 2018, 13:22

My local store is running an interesting tournament at the end of this month. Heavily restricted and only 500 points. Rules below and the list after that:

500 points
BRB strategems only
3x3' game board
Dawn of war deployment (but 6 inches in instead of 12)
Mission is secret but will be the same in every round
2 hour game length

1 detachment with the following structure/restrictions:

  • 1-2 HQ
  • 1-3 Troops
  • 0-2 Elite
  • 0-2 Fast Attack
  • 0-2 Heavy Support

No vehicles, no flyers, no monsters, no models with more than 7 wounds, no 2+ saves, no LOW, no FW, no dedicated transports.

I considered using Dark Eldar but didn't feel that I could bring the right tools at this point level to do a good job, so decided I would try out my fledgling Harlequin force instead:

Troupe Master (warlord) - embrace, shuriken pistol, luck of the laughing god - 65pts

Troupe - 5 players, all embraces and shuriken pistols - 105pts
Troupe - 5 players, all embraces and shuriken pistols - 105pts

Solitaire - the mask of secrets - 110pts

Skyweavers - 2 skyweavers, both with shuriken cannons and zephyrglaives - 112pts

I have the speed to get anywhere on the board for objectives. The jetbikes and solitaire are pretty much guaranteed a first turn charge to tie up anything that would worry the troupes, allowing them to hopefully get in combat on turn two. Harlequins are probably about as durable as I can get with no vehicles allowed, given their invulnerable saves and -1 to hit on the jetbikes. I didn't opt for any caresses as there shouldn't be anything that tough and on the small board it should be reasonably easy to keep the troupes in re-roll wound range of the troupe master.

I have no idea what I could potentially be facing.

In terms of options, I have a shadowseer, death jester and 2 more jetbikes.

I also have a substantial Dark Eldar force if someone thinks of a solid list using them.

Thoughts and comments most welcome.

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500 point tournament Harlequins
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