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 1000 Points vs Blood Ravens

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PostSubject: 1000 Points vs Blood Ravens   1000 Points vs Blood Ravens I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 10 2018, 19:51

Hello everyone Smile

I am new to Dark Eldar and I am building/painting my first 1000 points to take to a game in two weeks. I KNOW there will be a new codex so my army consists mostly out ouf stuff I already have and that is not too "specialised". I don't want to make my True Born all blaster just to notice that the option is gone later. (I know this will not happen but be careful Very Happy )

So this is my list so far:

Archon (Huskblade, Blastpistol)
Succubus (Archite Glaive, Splinter Pistol)

10 Kabalites (Blaster and Dark Lance)
10 Kabalites (Blaster and Dark Lance)

Razorwing Jetfighter (Dark Lances, Splintercannon)

Raider (Dark Lance)
Raider (Dark Lance)

So I still have about 250 Points left. I am not sure what to take. My opponent will be Blood Ravens Space Marines. I am Thinking maybe a Venom for the characters and a Raider + Wyches for the succubus but I do not know how that would fit into the army. Any advices for a fresh archon?

Additional stuff in my collection is:

10 Kabalites
2 Raiders
1 Razorwing Jetfighter
1 Ravager
10 Wyches
1 Venom

No Pain
No Gain
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1000 Points vs Blood Ravens Empty
PostSubject: Re: 1000 Points vs Blood Ravens   1000 Points vs Blood Ravens I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 11 2018, 11:14

I've been having some good success with 4 squads of 5 Kabalites, with a Blaster in each zooming about in raiders. This would make a Battalion detachment for some more CP. And I would replace those lost dark lances with a ravager or another razorwing. Of course, the codex may change this, but I can't really foresee any of the things in your list getting ruined too badly. Oh and Agonizer>husk blade
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1000 Points vs Blood Ravens
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