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 Dark Eldar terrain?

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Dark Eldar terrain? Empty
PostSubject: Dark Eldar terrain?   Dark Eldar terrain? I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 09 2018, 07:03

so this looked like the best place to get a well informed lore based response from some people in the know.

im new to the dark eldar, and 40k in general. im still painting up my first army (picked DE because go hardmode or go home) and am finally getting in to the head space of possibly working towards my own table (or at least the terrain to put on some one elses)

ive got a cr-10 3d printer and have found a lot of free stuff floating around but with so many options the question becomes well what should a DE table look like?

so ive been sort of going down that route however im still pretty ignorant of the DE lore (evil torture orgy space pirates comes to mind as a good summary)

so my question is what direction should i go? commorragh? ash? desert? im not really sure what themes well with the DE.

so far my thought is do a board that looks like the aftermath of a raid (burned buildings, corpses, bone piles, destroyed turrets/walls etc) making it look like we've been having our way with the inhabitants for quite some time prior to the battle. in which case i need some help figuring out what we would be raiding (as a basis for the destruction) and where.

some people have mentioned doing some crystals and more of an asteroid like approach to be closer to the webway.

i guess what im saying is i have too many options and too much creativity and its making it hard to pick something so im falling back to the "lore" community to decide for me :p

any help, suggestions or links to reading that might narrow things down are appreciated.
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Dark Eldar terrain?
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