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 The future of the lesser Aeldari sub-factions

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PostSubject: The future of the lesser Aeldari sub-factions   The future of the lesser Aeldari sub-factions I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 02 2018, 13:53

Let me preface this with a disclaimer that everything that follows is wishful thinking. I don't have any insight into what GW plans on doing, so none of this should be taken as rumor-mongering. This is simply a best-case scenario (in my opinion).

Bottom line up front:  It would be great to see GW round the series of Aeldari codices out as three books (Craftworlds, Dark Eldar, Exiles).

The Craftworlds and Dark Eldar (or Drukhari, if you prefer) codices go without saying, so I'll focus on the "Exiles" codex.

Way back in the heady days of 2nd edition, the Eldar codex included rules for the Craftworld Eldar, Harlequins, Exodites, and Pirates. The Harlequins have enjoyed some degree of support ever since and will doubtless continue to be supported. Exodites, though still extant in the lore, have not been supported in rules from 3rd edition through the present. The Pirates of 2nd edition have split, first with the darker side developing into the Dark Eldar in 3rd edition, then with the later development of the lighter side into the Eldar Corsairs. Battlefleet Gothic (the tabletop miniature game, not the electronic game) included rules for the Eldar Corsairs via Yriel's Eldritch Raiders; and this was continued in the electronic version of the game. The Fantasy Flight Games Rogue Trader game also supported the Eldar Corsairs. And 6th edition saw Forge World gift us with The Doom of Mymeara, first giving us the WH40K rendition of the Eldar Corsairs as a throwback to the 1st edition rendition of the (pre-Craftworld rules) Eldar; and then bestowing the second printing of that book and fleshing out a great set of rules for the Eldar Corsairs.

Then came 8th edition and Forge World stopped producing the previously extant range of campaign books, minus the Horus Heresy series; and they instead gave the Eldar Corsairs lackluster rules in the form of the Index: Xenos rules.

However, the 8th edition Codex: Craftworlds, though lacking rules for the Eldar Corsairs, gave us a stronger description of the Eldar Corsairs than any previous version of the Eldar codices, including the 2nd edition codex in which there were actually rules. Those mentions of the Eldar Corsairs (see page 11) give me hope that the Eldar Corsairs will be supported to some degree, either in mainstream WH40K by GW, or via FW.

Another momentous creation was, naturally, the Ynnari. While they are mentioned in the lore of the 8th edition Codex: Craftworlds, they are not given any rules.

These two Aeldari sub-factions, the Eldar Corsairs and the Ynnari, share one very important feature. Each of these sub-factions has significant crossover with the other Aeldari sub-factions. The Eldar Corsairs (or Anhrathe, if you prefer) utilize many of the same weapons, wargear, and vehicles that are used by the Craftworld Eldar. They also utilize some of the weapons and wargear that are used by the Dark Eldar. Moreover, units from both the Craftworlds and Commorragh occasionally appear in Eldar Corsair forces (the mechanic for this happening depends upon which printing of The Doom of Mymeara you are using). Similarly, the Ynnari are composed of Aeldari from all of the various Aeldari sub-factions. The Harlequins, too, ally themselves with all of the Aeldari sub-factions (though apparently least with the Eldar Corsairs).

As we've seen, the Harlequins can support their own codex, albeit a small one.

The Eldar Corsairs, if they were ever transferred over from Forge World to Games Workshop proper, could also support their own codex. Such a codex could be larger than a Harlequin codex. Much of such a codex, though, would be nothing more than duplication of unit entries and rules from the Craftworld and Dark Eldar codices. We've seen some other lines transfer over from FW to GW, such as the Horus Heresy marks of Space Marine armor, the Contemptor dreadnoughts, and (most clearly) the Adeptus Arbites. Admittedly, these are all much more popular than the Eldar Corsairs, but they nevertheless demonstrate that such a transfer is possible. From an efficiency standpoint, I'd want the core Eldar Corsairs units to be included in the theoretical codex (i.e., those units, weapons, and wargear that are essential to and representative of the Eldar Corsairs).

The Ynnari wouldn't support their own codex, not even a very small one, unless they simply duplicated all of the rules and unit entries from the other codices.

However, all three of these Aeldari sub-factions could be consolidated into a single codex, either a medium-sized one that points to the two "main" Aeldari codices (Craftworlds and Dark Eldar) for relevant units or a very large one that duplicates relevant rules and unit entries from the two main codices.

There are two sides to the question of efficiency. In terms of version of rules, having a single codex that points to other codices means that the rules for the units, weapons, and wargear from those other codices are consistent and future Chapter Approved and FAQs only have to point to the parent codex. The converse of this is that players would need two or more codices (i.e., the theoretical Codex: Aeldari Exiles and either Codex: Craftworlds or Codex: Dark Eldar (or both)).

At the very least, we can expect to see the Harlequins and Ynnari supported, but it would be a gift to see the Eldar Corsairs supported.

I'm on the fence about the Exodites. They could be supported, but their presence in the lore seems to be more of a defensive nature. I wouldn't be at all opposed to seeing them included in my hypothetical (and wishful) "Codex: Aeldari Exiles," but I'm not sure if GW will commit to this.

The weak spot in all of my arguments (okay, the most significant weak spot - there are probably many weak spots Wink ) is that GW won't support a (sub-)faction in the rules unless it has miniatures for the sub-faction. That's not a problem for the Ynnari. The Eldar Corsairs would require a bit of work. The Exodites, if they were supported, would require a bit more work (perhaps a re-working of the WHFB/AoS Dark Elves models). The conversion kits from FW satisfy many of their needs (though the main conversion kit, or a redone version, would have to be made available again). Eldar Rangers work well enough for the Ghostwalkers. The only real need would be for the Corsair characters (Corsair Princes might be comparable with Autarchs and Archons in terms of potency, but should have their own distinctive look, and the models should be capable of accepting the Corsair jump pack bits).

Now all of this is highly unlikely. We'll probably see the Harlequins given their own updated codex; and the Ynnari will probably get something of their own.

So if there isn't a consolidated Codex: Aeldari Exiles for the Harlequins, Ynnari, and Eldar Corsairs (and maybe the Exodites), I wouldn't be at all averse to the Eldar Corsairs getting their own dedicated codex. That's pipe-dreamy, too, though.

The most likely scenario is that we'll be left with continued support for the Eldar Corsairs (and potentially the Exodites) via Forge World, which wouldn't be a bad deal at all. The Eldar Corsairs would be easily supported via an update of The Doom of Mymeara (which would also support the other Asuryani units presented in the previous books). Alternately/additionally, I'd love to see a dedicated campaign in which an Exodite world is attacked, and the other Aeldari factions come to their aid. I'd love to see it focus on the Exodites and Corsairs, but practicality requires that a mainstream WH40K faction be represented in order to garner sufficient interest, so I presume that the Asuryani would also show up. The opposing faction could be pretty much anybody. While I'd love to see a xenos versus xenos campaign, FW's pattern seems to be that the Imperium must feature as one of the antagonists. I won't be picky here, other than to say that I'd like to see the Exodites survive the campaign. However FW does it, sooner would be better than later (which is pushy of me, I know).

Okay, that's a load off my chest. I admit that the "Codex: Aeldari Exiles" idea is a pipe dream (I'd still like to see it - it ranks right up there with stopping war and ending world hunger Wink ).

How would you like to see the lesser Aeldari sub-factions supported?

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PostSubject: Re: The future of the lesser Aeldari sub-factions   The future of the lesser Aeldari sub-factions I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 02 2018, 14:36

I think there you're right, and all this is very much possible... After all, gw has been publishing or reenacting a lot of existing, but codexless factions, like gsc or custodes. I wouldn't be surprised to see corsairs become a new range of models... Exodite on the other hand suffer from the whfb lizardmen problem : they are not connected to the rest of the world. Noone, in the 40k universe, gives a flying damn about Exodites... They are not really a force to reckon with, and their agenda is...unclear at best.

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PostSubject: Re: The future of the lesser Aeldari sub-factions   The future of the lesser Aeldari sub-factions I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 02 2018, 16:46

Very nice post was an interesting read.

I think the idea for an "Eldar Exiles" codex is a very interesting one. Though I can only really see this including two of the factions you mentioned; The Ynnari and The Corsairs. The reason for this is entirely down to the crunch since both of these factions borrow heavily from the other two codices’, using some of their units and rules and replacing the army wide rules (i.e. power from pain) with their own unique sub-faction rules.

This is especially true for the Ynnari who have only three models of their own, with the rest having been stolen from the other books. Combine that with the lack of lore behind them and there is not really enough to support an entire codex, in my opinion.

The problem that will likely stop this book though is that of the Corsairs being sold by forgeworld. GW are not in the market of selling a codex with models that they can't sell you in the shop; right there and then, when you have that codex on the counter and your hand reaching for your wallet. So unless GW pull the Corsairs into the main body of the company I can't really see them being included. Personally, I don’t feel this would be the end of the world as I'm sure FW would continue to support the Corsairs as a 40k faction and possibly release some new models or upgrade kits for them. Possibly even ways to customise DE vehicles.

Then we come to the Harlequins. Now first off, I love this faction of Eldar, both in the lore and the models themselves.... But, personally I don't think they should be their own faction. I detest their vehicles and frankly I think that them being something you can add as a small group to another eldar army was the best way to have them. Honestly, I do see them getting their own book, just as with Custodians and other minor factions these days, GW will support them with a stand-alone book.

The Exodites as Mppqlmd point out are sadly irrelevant. They are a very minor faction spread across the Galaxy who only fight to defend their home worlds. Whilst I wouldn't oppose some FW rules in a campaign book I feel they should be left as they are, something for people to customise Eldar models to and use existing rules with their models.

In short, I think only an Eldar Corsairs and Ynnari book would be viable, and then only if GW brings the Corsairs into the shops and main. Most likely we will see a Ynnari book with units copied across from both the Eldar and DE books and a few titbits of lore thrown in and a Harlequins book again of small size. Exodites simple aren't viable both from a practical and lore perspective to bring into 40k.
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PostSubject: Re: The future of the lesser Aeldari sub-factions   The future of the lesser Aeldari sub-factions I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 02 2018, 17:42

My biggest problem with Exodites are their theme, where do they fit in thematically? Aren't they supposed to be the vulnerable hatchlings in an incredibly dangerous universe that are only surviving due to the benevolent hands of the Craftworlds?

I guess the Exodites could be a supplement force to CWE just like the Kroot to the Tau's mechaniced forces. But are there really enough Exodites that could make up adecent sized force? Do they even know of anything about sophisticated warfare?

I just fail to see how it all could fit together...

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PostSubject: Re: The future of the lesser Aeldari sub-factions   The future of the lesser Aeldari sub-factions I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 16 2018, 06:03

So when I first started reading your points (all of which I enjoyed) I was under the impression that you were going to suggest turning the Eldar Corsairs into Ynnari in a way as you made comparisons of how they both borrow from the other factions.

Now I know that is not what you suggested but even if they did not flat out turn Corsairs into Ynnari it would allow Ynnari to start having their own fluff and models (both of which they sorely need to actually develop beyond Yvraine and friends save the eldar -.- )

As for including Exodites while SUPER unlikely they could also be wrapped up into this as prophets of Ynnead may go to maiden worlds stir up a manifest destiny in them and they go off crusading with the Ynnari taking and capturing worlds etc (I know this is not at all like their fluff but I personally think it'd be cool which is why I bring it up and reinforce the "saving of the eldar race thing" one planet at a time and "reclaiming the fallen eldar empire" (as that is a part of Ynnari fluff at least I think it is?)

NOTE: This is me reaching and I doubt it will happen. I just think it'd be cool if it DID happen.
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PostSubject: Re: The future of the lesser Aeldari sub-factions   The future of the lesser Aeldari sub-factions I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 16 2018, 06:22

On the note of "there aren't enough exodites" or "they only fight to defend their worlds".


Girlyman has shown He has no problem smacking the fluff with his pimp hand and telling it to get out there and make GW money. And with how they've pretty much made ynnari girlyman's ahem "special little friend". I wouldn't be at all surprised if he shows up on an exodites world and converts them all to the holy light of the emperor so they can safely leave their planet.

If you can't tell I'm not a fan of the latest fluff writers...
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PostSubject: Re: The future of the lesser Aeldari sub-factions   The future of the lesser Aeldari sub-factions I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 16 2018, 03:33

Oh please. Nobody bats an eye at the numbers of the Space Wolves and their having their own Codex. Small unique forces getting their own book has always been a thing.

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PostSubject: Re: The future of the lesser Aeldari sub-factions   The future of the lesser Aeldari sub-factions I_icon_minitime

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The future of the lesser Aeldari sub-factions
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