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 PAW tournament

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PostSubject: PAW tournament   PAW tournament I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 11 2018, 23:03

Greeting folks! I went to a tournament last weekend you can find the list I took here:

It was a "for fun" list and I wanted to see how viable jetbikes out of webway was as well as chop things to pieces with incubi and Drazhar. It was 4 matches, two saturday and two sunday. I placed 31st out of 32nd in the tournament (I blame cards and weird dice rolling! tourney excuses xD). I had fun and in 3 out of 4 matches, whatever I chucked the incubi at died horribly.

Drazhar was my MvP as in the one match i chucked incubi at units which don;t die easy, he ate the overwatch and hung in there. They took on the dakka electro priests, a unit of 20 and that was the only match out of the 4 which I was pretty much tabled. only my ravager was left but he only had 3 priests out of the 20 left, most of his skitarii had died, both his dunecrawlers but cawl and the dakka bots were mostly untoched, losing only one robot out 6. My two venoms locked them in combat for two battle rounds, allowing my counter attack.

Of the other 3 matches, 2 were against sisters with celestine and scout move immolator (dominion squads give it to their transports!) and 3 weird quad barrage weapon. Both sisters lists were similar due to both players being mates and going to the same club. Both times I lost out on cards, with the priority orders received and mission critical being drawn for celestine in one, meaning a massive jump in points for killing kabalite son one of the objectives! (the vemon had died earlier). I actually downed celestine with incubi in the first game but with a command reroll, she revived and redeployed far away for linebreaker and to deny me warlord.

The incubi slaughtered their way through sister squads but throughout the tournament, my dark lances were set to "tepid". there was one immolator on one wound that just refused to die! on the saturday, my bikes made their charge and chewed through whatever they came in to contact with, on sunday they did not and were shot to pieces. having to roll randomly for combat drugs due to tourney rules hurt as i rolled +1 strength THREE TIMES! x3

The other match was agaisnt imperial guard using tallarn rules. He had 3 leman russes (which I hurt one but that was it), a flyer with those 2+ save ogryns (which my bikes charged and ate through to help deny him seucre objective and area denial), 2 basilisks (I killed one), alot of screening infantry, and outflanking special weapons squads and rough riders. His 3rd unit of rough riders won him the game by getting linebreaker for him, i chopped through most of the speical weapons and rough riders that came behind me (I was trying to deny him linebreaker and get one of my cards for haivng a clear deployment zone).

PAW is Plymouth Association of Wargaming (Plymouth, England) and was great fun and brilliantly run.

So not a competitive list but huge amounts of fun with great opponents. I will probably do smaller units of bikes for flexibility and may even drop the blasters as with my luck, they just do nothing xD
Incubi are great for killing units but I think wyches are better for staying in combat. Drazhar is expensive but SO worth it if you run incubi with him. Can't say my archon did anything really except die to electro priests (I rolled a 1 on her first save...). she killed some guard, guard battery runners and a couple of sisters.

Thanks to those who commented in my list building, if it wasn't for the lists having to be submitted I would have done changes. That said, I have had another game recently and quite like mandrakes and kabalite blob in the webway...more on that soon. I post batte summaries on the war in the rift on facebook if you want to see pics. Thanks for reading!

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PAW tournament
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