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 2k GT list

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PostSubject: 2k GT list   2k GT list I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 09 2018, 21:38

I think I have a pretty good balance of splinter/dissies/lances.

I dont expect to win as it's my first non-local tournament, but I'd like to take pure Drukhari as far as I can.

Any feedback is appreciated Smile

Air Wing

2x Razorwing
Voidraven w/ lances and missiles


Archon w/ agonizer and relic pistol, pgl
Archon w/ agonizer and blast pistol, pgl

2x 9 Kabalites w/ pgl and agonizer
4x 5 Kabalites w/ pgl

8 mandrakes

2x ravager w/ lances

2 raiders w/ dissies
4 Venoms

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PostSubject: Re: 2k GT list   2k GT list I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 10 2018, 23:42

I think you'd be better off dropping all the dissies for lances, and giving your warrior units blasters. Don't bother taking agonisers on warriors, because if you wanted a melee unit of troops you'd take wracks or wyches.

I'd drop both 9 man units, and both raiders. I'd give each unit of warriors a blaster, and give the archon without the relic pistol a blaster and his own venom to bring the relic pistol archon in with him before dropping off the relic pistol archon near a midfield objective.

If you have any points left try to bring more mandrakes, but put them in units of 5 instead of 10+ because they can have real trouble with leadership. Just because they are better at melee than scourges doesn't mean you should charge with them though. People will stay locked in combat just so you can't do mortal wounds. Don't feel like you need to DS right on 9", you can shoot from 18 and you're fast enough to keep up with most infantry if they run away.
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2k GT list
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