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 2000 - Ork vs Drukhari Chapter approved

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2000 - Ork vs Drukhari   Chapter approved Empty
PostSubject: 2000 - Ork vs Drukhari Chapter approved   2000 - Ork vs Drukhari   Chapter approved I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 04 2018, 07:53

Darna was feeling feisty. This particular Ork warboss had proven to be more dense than they usually are and had taken nearly an hour to be coaxed into the trap.

The Succubus looked over her raiding party. This was more of a training trip than a true raid. She had been hired by a pair of minor archons to teach them the way of the Ork. With any luck those same Orks would rid her of the need to bring them back.

Finally the Orks came into view and Darna gave the call to attack. The warboss proved to be anything but and fell in the opening salvo. So too did 2 of the wartracks. The Ork response was disorganized. Shots zipped overhead as the bikers, a truck and a battle wagon moved closer.

Seeing an easy opening Darna and the archons took out a painboy and a few nobs. The Reapers and Ravagers took down the remaining wartracks and the truck. Meanwhile the Reavers moved to engage the enemy bikers. Whereas the heavy support were exceeding all expectations, the Reavers, well, thought more of themselves than they should have.

It's unknown if the Orks even noticed the noose tightening or if they even cared. Of the 6 supply drops, only 2 proved to contain needed gear. Upon learning this, the Orks regrouped near the center to try and steal the contents. But this only left them surrounded.

Two groups of Incubi choose this time to come out of the webway. With the majority of the Orks put down, the Incubi didn't want to be left out. So too did the mandrakes come out of the shadows. About 12 Ork bikers, a few deffkoptas and a small group of boyz remained, while nearly the entire raising party surrounded them.

The bikers did manage to finish off the Reavers. Which actually gave Darna a measure of satisfaction as she overheard one of the archons saying it'll be a cold day in Commorragh before he replaces them.

Certainly the Orks failed in every measurable way. They couldn't even remove one of the idiot archons while the entire Ork army, except for a single lonely boy, was slain. This one was allowed to run away to allow stories to spread of the grand fighting to be held in this area. Perhaps that will encourage more competent prey to appear.

2,000 point game
Mission: Supply Drop ( Chapter Approved 2017 )

12 command points
Succubus w/relic pistol and architect glaive
(2) Archon w/blasters and huskblades

(2) 5 man Incubi w/klaivex
(1) 5 man mandrake

(3) 3 man Reaver w/grav talon and agonizer

(4) 5 man Warriors w/agonizer
(2) 5 man Warrior
(2) Venoms w/ dual splinter cannons

(3) Ravagers w/3 dark lances
(2) Reapers

The Ork list included:
Generic warboss
20 or so boyz
About 12 bikers
Tank bustas
5 wartracks
Battle wagon
And probably a few other things.

Final score 9 to 0
Game ended top of turn 5 as the Ork player conceded when he only had 1 minor model left.

Kabal of the Green Hair
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2000 - Ork vs Drukhari Chapter approved
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