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 Kabal of the Infinite Lotus

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PostSubject: Kabal of the Infinite Lotus   Kabal of the Infinite Lotus I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 29 2017, 21:18

The Kabal of the Infinite Lotus is formed by the twin archons Rifer and Syfanaar a brother and sister who share one soul and are aspects of one whole, Rifer is the energetic playful sister who seems almost child like in her behaviour ( much to the chagrin of many other Drukhari who often try to get her killed because she doesn’t behave like one should). Always fooling around but this is a mask she wears to lower her victim’s guard, and when successful she unleashes a flurry of strikes right on the joints in order to cripple those before her. So they can be tortured, due to their condition they need a constant stream of slaves
.Altough it does get her in trouble from time to time to which her brother Syfanaar, who is the stoic and arrogant of the two tries to keep her out of highly dangerous situations. For his own sake because if she were to get killed his life is at risk too, due to the one soul they share otherwise he would have had her killed already. Syfanaar is the figurehead and official leader of the Kabal with his calculated moves he can trigger his victim’s nerves to send out shocks of prolonged pain, as Syfanaar studies the various races’s nerve system. In order to get the most agony out of them with minimal risk of them prematurely dying as due to their condition the twins need a constant stream of slaves

When was your kabal formed?

Do they have any unique identify traits or features?
They mostly utilise older variants of Raiders , Ravagers, Reavers and Hellion boards and are slowly starting to get newer designs in their repertoire, they are bipolar as in the kabalites are cold and calculated compared to generic kabalites they preffer to fire from gun platforms , the wyches are very energetic and seem almost harlequin in movements as they appear to be dancing instead of fighting on the battlefield, each member of the infinite lotus has a pink pauldron with a grey edge to indicate their eternal struggle for their souls

Does your Kabal dwell in Commorragh?
They own their own pocket-realm so no

What district does your kabal reside in, if they live in Commorragh?

Does your Kabal have its own pocket-realm?
Yes, they own a supply/repairing pocket-realm that functions as their get-away hideyhole and supply depot

Is your Kabal fleet based?
they do have their own pocket-realm which they call home but are mostly on raiders/ravages/reavers out raiding as the twin-archons need a constant stream of slaves

When was your Kabal’s first contact with the Imperium of Man?
M41.344 on the world of Ky’vethan (imperial lexicon Lovan III)(currently T’au controlled) in the halo stars(the tau are 4th sphere and got stranded there when the cicatrix maledictum was formed and the fleet got hit they are but one colony ship) the Infinite Lotus hit the planet during it’s imperial control

How does your Kabal fight?
Mostly with kabalites on raiders gunning down ahead of the walking packs of kabalites and wyches who then capture or end those that aren’t outright dead leaving some behind for the haemonculi who come to collect victims

How does your Kabal wage war?
Lightning assaults and terror tactics

Does your Kabal have allies?
They have close ties with some of the small wych cults who have the kabal’s arena as their playground
And ties to some lesser haemonculi who seek to improve their craft by using the pocket-realm’s arena to see how their creations go against the various beasts
They also have ties to some incubi who have fallen out of favor and some mandrakes who seem to favor the arena

What is your Kabal’s specialization?
On land whither the enemy down to a shadow of their former strength and then unleash wyches upon the crippled remains. Whom then leave scraps for the haemonculi to play with

What specific technologies does your Kabal employ?
Raiders,Ravagers, Reavers, Hellion boards, scourge surgeries, wracks,grotesques, talos(not a single cronos), dark lances, disintegrator cannons, splinter rifles and pistols, shredders

Have they developed their own special technology?
They have developed a system of architecture that lets the screams from the haemonculi labs and wych arena resonate throughout their pocket-realm
And they have developed various toys to repair their outdated vessels

Do they use extensive use of one type of weaponry over another?
They favour well made splinter rifles from their own workshop as each is customfit for it’s wielder

How does your Kabal function?
They function by being capable of capturing ships by peppering the ships with holes so the passengers all huddle into one bay which they then cut out and drop into the wych arena, they also seek to find a way to capture rak’gol hence they frequent the halo stars quite often

How does your Kabal interact with other Kabals?
They pretend to be easily swayed and convinced but by the time a rival kabal has finished their talk, they have raided their base of operations and stolen all their belongings leaving only an empty base which they boobytrap. Except when the talk is about a realspace raid for which the Kabal may get hired for their services, as such a deal is beneficial to both parties. But they do not shame for backstabbing rival kabals during a raid by using the victim race’s weapons to assassinate the rival archon to claim their cut of slaves as their own.

How does your Kabal interact with the other Dark Eldar factions?
They are afraid of the Harlequins as they believe a harlequin is a bad omen
They trade with corsairs from time to time for supplies but they are ever vigilant against backstabbing
They like the company of wych cults as their combat skills in the arena fuel their hunger for pain and suffering
They appreciate the art of Haemonculi as they keep them going and improve their physique
They tolerate the Lhamaean as their poisons and drugs are widely used but they only trust a select few suppliers and even then are wary

If you haven’t already stated it, how big is your Kabal?
At the moment: 7 raiders, 3 ravagers, 9 reavers, 5 hellions, 40 kabalites 20 wyches 5 incubi 8 mandrakes 2 haemonculi 4 khymerae 1 beastmaster twin-archons

How does the Imperium view your Kabal?
The IOM views them as a lesser kabal that frequents the worlds bordering the halo stars and travelling ships in the area but they tend to be confused with Rak’gol sightings when they have boarded a vessel too thickly armored to use their primary tactic against

The IoM have known about the Eldar race for a while. Until the last few millennia, they thought the Eldar race was one faction. Does the IoM recognize your Kabal? If so, how do they know your force? Have they been engaged repeatedly by Ordo Xenos forces? Have your Kabalites been captured and interrogated? The IoM needs a reason to fear you. Give it to them.

The Infinite Lotus tend to leave no signs that they were there other than the carnage of bloodstains, battle damage, the occasional hairs/skin of their fallen , and a big blood painted lotus symbol with an infinity symbol behind it on various spots on the ships they board , on planetary assaults they are like a razor wired blanket being pulled over the fields and people whisper of nightmares of pointy-eared figures stalking the night with scraping blades over ferrocrete(the mandrakes the Infinite Lotus can’t seem to get rid off lurk on the vicitm worlds for a while before returning from whence they came) they tend not to kill children and pregnant women as they want the victim-worlds to repopulate quite quickly as the two bodies one soul nature of the twin archons require a steady income of slaves , so their pattern is like the changing of seasons and they strike the same worlds over and over in a lotus pattern when lines are drawn through the systems they frequent, ofcourse they are sighted outside of the frequented path because they join other kabals for massive raids too as their older design raiders are favoured by wyches who can leap off with ease and their reavers make excellent scouts marking weak-points and finding supply lines and shelters

Dear sister, how many times must i warn you to NOT attempt to ride an carnifex around ?
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Kabal of the Infinite Lotus
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