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 100 Power Ynnari Command

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PostSubject: 100 Power Ynnari Command   100 Power Ynnari Command I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 07 2017, 18:40

After seeing Shingen's post in which he tested the new Chapter Approved rules using a large Court-based army, I thought I'd have a go at making a character-based army: the idea of opponents only being able to shoot one unit at a time is somewhat enticing.

It's made up of three Supreme Command detachments, with all but a few units as HQ's, and isn't necessarily meant to be competitive: the group I play against tends to play more for the fun of it. Also, as I mentioned in a previous thread, the choices are slightly limited to whatever models I have in my collection, and how they are built; so while suggestions are always welcome, I may not necessarily be able to implement them at this stage.

So, here's the list. Apologies for any miscalculations.

3 Supreme Command Detachments (+3 CP) - 1869 pts - 100 Power

Supreme Command 1: Ynnari and Harlequins


- Yvraine - 132pts - 7 PL
- The Visarch - 141pts - 7 PL
- The Yncarne - 337pts - 17 PL
- Troupe Master with Power Sword and Shuriken Pistol - 63pts - 4 PL
- Shadowseer with Neuro Disruptor - 144pts - 7 PL

- Death Jester - 75pts - 4 PL

Supreme Command 2: Drukhari and Ra


- Archon with Power Sword and Blaster - 73pts - 4 PL
- Archon with Huskblade and Blast Pistol - 74pts - 4 PL
- Succubus with Glaive and Splinter Pistol - 72pts - 4 PL
- Maugan Ra - 140pts - 7 PL

No Force Org
- Sslyth - 44pts - 3 PL
- Sslyth - 44pts - 3 PL
- Sslyth - 44pts - 3 PL
- Lhamaean - 28pts - 2 PL

Supreme Command 3: Swift Craftworld


- Autarch with Wings, Avenger SC and Fusion Pistol - 98pts - 5 PL
- Farseer Skyrunner - 135pts - 7 PL
- Warlock Skyrunner with Singing Spear - 75pts - 4 PL
- Warlock Skyrunner with Singing Spear - 75pts - 4 PL
- Warlock Skyrunner with Singing Spear - 75pts - 4 PL

I know it comes out at quite a bit under the usual points for that Power Level, but my group tends to play by power anyway, so it shouldn't make that much difference (I hope).

Note that the three Warlock Skyrunners are NOT a Conclave, as doing so stops them being characters. Also, the players in my group don't tend to use transports that much, which is why I haven't included any here.

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100 Power Ynnari Command
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