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 Transitioning themes

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PostSubject: Transitioning themes    Transitioning themes  I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 04 2017, 10:53

Below are some pictures of my first paint jobs transitioning to my newer stuff

The venom and kabalite are the OG desert paint job, I had to change the armour colour slightly because I was using a spray can for it and couldn’t fix little mistakes I had made, which is why...

The wych, succubus and reaver all are slightly lighter in colour, and I started adding cool hair to add some flare

Then, there is my newly redone Archon. She was my sybarite who I just fell in love with so I upgraded her. My roommate, an art student, starting getting into painting a few of the wyches, and thoight I should blend more, so her and I both worked on Xartha (archon) and got this steam punk looking queen

Tl:dr how should I re do the vehicles to look like the archon on the far right?

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Transitioning themes  4bf5bb10

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Transitioning themes
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