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 1500pt kabal list

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1500pt kabal list Empty
PostSubject: 1500pt kabal list   1500pt kabal list I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 27 2017, 13:06

Hey guys, new year, new army. I am planning to make a drukhari army in 2018.

I want to stick to the kabal keyword because i am pretty sure the codex will add some keywords special things. Just like any 8th edition codex out there. I bet for 2-3 kabals, 2-3 wyches and 2-3 coven special armies. Or i may be wrong and they will mix match everything. bounce

Anyway, for now, the start collecting box is a steal. Even if without the HQ. But this HQ is cheap and usefull.

I don't want the army to be ultra competitive, more like fluffy.

HQ :

3x archon with blaster @ 69pts

Total : 207

Troops :

3x 9 kabalite warriors with 1 blaster @ 78pts

Total : 234

Elites :

2x 5 trueborn with 2x dark lances and 2x splinter cannon @ 128pts

Total : 256

Fast attack :

3x 3 reavers with 1 blaster @ 105pts One of them with a liquifier gun +13
(or 1x9 or 1x6 +1x3 depending on drug distribution and deployment)

Total : 329

Transport :

3x raider with dark lance @ 116pts
2x venom with twin splinter rifle @ 65pts

Total : 478

List cost : 1503pts (i can remove one kabalite warrior or something else)

Weapons : AT : 7 dark lances
9 blasters

AI : 38 splinter rifles
4 splinter canon
5 splinter pistol
1 liquifier gun

Adding 3 ravagers with dark lances will get near 2000pts.

I know the bikes are a bit too high in price, but it's in the start collecting, it fit the army design and the codex is not out yet. And i don't want to win any tournament with it.

The best part of it is it will cost only 180 euro (215$ tax included) for 1500 pts. lol!

My questions are : will it hurt ? Will it be fun ? What do you think about a fluffy list ?

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1500pt kabal list
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