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 My first dark eldar game

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My first dark eldar game Empty
PostSubject: My first dark eldar game   My first dark eldar game I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 26 2017, 21:25

I'm still slowly building and painting my dark eldar force but I was itching to have a game with them so I took what I had built down to my local GW and had a game.

My force:
Archon Agoniser, Blast Pistol, Phantasm Grenade Launcher (warlord)
5x Kabalite Warrior Phantasm Grenade Launcher
5x Kabalite Warrior Phantasm Grenade Launcher
5x Incubi
3x Reavers Grav-Talon, Blaster (adrenalight)
Raider Disintegrator cannon, Shock Prow
Venom 2xSplinter Cannon
Venom 2xSplinter Cannon
Total: 695pts 3cp

My opponents force:
Craftworld Attribute: alaitoc
Farseer Shuriken Pistol, Singing Spear
Illic Nightspear (warlord)
5x Dire Avenger: Dire Avenger Exarch:
5x Dire Avenger: Dire Avenger Exarch
5x Ranger
5x Ranger
5x Striking Scorpion: Striking Scorpion Exarch: Biting Blade
3x Windrider 3x Shuriken Cannon
3x Windrider, 3x Shuriken Cannon
Total: 708pts 6cp

We decided sine it was my first game with dark eldar and only 3rd game of 8th edition that we'd just play kill points.

I get first turn, my opponent tries to steal the initiative and fails.I push everything forward and open fire on his rangers, due to the alaitoc trait and them being in cover my shooting didn't remove as many as I hoped, killing 3 in one unit 2 in the other. My bikes charge and wipe out the larger of the units.

My opponent pushes his own bikes forwards and his farseer. His farseer wipes out my bikes with executioner and his bikes, rangers and illic down one of my venoms and kill 2 warriors

My turn 2 my warriors advance into cover while everything else pushes up. I shoot everything at the bikes wiping out 1 unit and leaving 2 in the other
My opponents striking scorpions make an appearance near my warriors in cover. His psychic and shooting phase does very little other than strip a couple of wounds off of my raider his scorpions charge my warriors and wipe them out.

Turn 3 my incubi disembark the raider and head for the remaining bikes my archon and lhamean also disembark and head for the farseer, the raider moves towards the scorpions and my venom moves up to claim linebeaker and threaten the dire avengers in cover, in my shooting I kill 2 scorpions with my dissy and a couple of dire avengers with my venom/warriors. I want to shoot the farseer with my blast pistol but the farseer and the bikes are equidistant from my archon so I have to shoot the bikes killing one and leaving my incubi with a very easy job. My incubi charges his remaining bike, my lhamian and archon charge his farseer and my raider charges his scorpions. The raider does diddly squat against the scorpions and my opponent uses counter offensive to bring his farseer into play killing my lhamean, my archon attacks back and removes 2 wounds from the farseer and my incubi kill the remaining bike and move off to deal with the remaining rangers/ illic thinking my archon has got this (spoilers, my archon don't got this)
His turn 3 his farseer disengages and casts executioner on my incubi, killing all but the klaivex he then smites my archon brining him down to two wounds. His dire avengers shoot my vemom to no avail and his rangers/illic try and finish of the klaivex but he makes his saves. The scorpions tear a few more wounds off my raider putting it on the second wound track and the raider does nothing in return again.

My turn 4, combat is not going well for my raider so I disengage, I move my archon up to make sure he's close enough to the farseer to guarantee the charge and do the same with my klaivex and the rangers. The raider kills two more scorpions leaving only the exarch and my warriors / venom kill some dire avengers out of the undamaged squad. My archon fires his blast pistol and brings the farseer down to 1 wound and then charges, as does my klaivex into the rangers. The klaivex wipes out the rangers and then consolidates to block line of sight to illic so he can't just shoot him. My archon attacks the farseer who makes all his saves the farseer attacks the archon whch also makes all his saves.
My opponents turn, the farseer disengages again, the striking scorpion exarch moves to claim linebeaker and illic moves to face down my klaivex the dire avangers being on the losing side of a firefight move out of cover. The farseer casts smite on my archon and my archon lays dead in the field, the farseer then casts executioner on my venom stripping a few wounds off of it, the dire avengers shoot my venom again and bring it down to 1 wound, illic goes to charge my klaivex but comes up a double 1 the dire avengers charge my venom one drops to overwatch but they get in and their combat does nothing (I forget to fight back with the venom)

Last turn, my warriors disembark from their venom and take cover, the venom disengages, and the klaivex moves in on illic. My raider shoots the striking scorpions exarch but fails to kill him, my warriors shoot the farseer and finally take it down. My venom shoots the larger of the squads of dire avengers and reduces it to just the exarch who due to the power from pain rule and being hit by a pgl bottles it and runs, leaving only the dire avenger exarch from the other squad alive. My klaivex charges illic and doesn't fail. I pull a couple of wounds off of illic who fails to wound in return.
My opponents last turn, he moves his dire avengers up to my venom again hoping to deny me linebreaker. He shoots the venom and dies nothing and his striking scorpion exarch shoots my raider and does nothing his dire avenger charges my venom overwatch does nothing but he does nothing in combat to the venom either (i again forget that venoms can fight), illic wounds my klaivex leaving him on 1 wound, my lauded has the good graces to do the save in return leaving illic on 1 wound, the game ends

Result: Draw

All in all four my first outing with my dark eldar, against an army with a codex against an experienced craftworlds player I'm happy with how I performed.

Things I learnt:
1) I need a counter to psykers (I'm not thinking anything subtle I'm thinking, a unit of scourge with 4 blasters should be a pretty good counter to any psyker.
2) I need to remember to use my pgl's every time I remembered to use one out killed something as well as making an watch run away in the last turn which could have happened more often if I use then and my next point
3) remember to make my opponent roll bravery tests. I'm sure there were a couple of instances where I forgot to make him treasure never that could have resulted in more fled models
4) if you're going to use a raider in combat use it to support a unit in combat not as the primary combatant
And lastly
5) remember that the venom can fight back in the combat phase
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My first dark eldar game
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