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 A question on Autarchs...

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A question on Autarchs... Empty
PostSubject: A question on Autarchs...   A question on Autarchs... I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 16 2017, 21:16

New to the forums, so I apologise if this is in the wrong place.

So, recently I've purchased an Autarch w/Wings for my army. I bought it solely based on the index entry which, like the previous Craftworlds codex, allows them to take certain weapons from Aspect Warriors.

I had this idea of maybe keeping the fusion pistol, and replacing the sword with an Avenger shuriken catapult for a bit of range: that way, I could keep the sword for when/if I decide to make a custom hero unit. I did toy with the idea of a reaper launcher, but then I'd have one less Dark Reaper to field. (I should also point out that, at the moment, Dark Reapers and Dire Avengers are the only aspect warriors I have at this point, so I can only choose from their weapons.)

However, in the new Craftworlds codex, there's no mention that he can take any alternate weapons, meaning he's stuck with the sword. (not exactly bad, but I like to customize my models wherever possible: if there is an alternate weapon available, I will likely take it.)

I suppose my question is this: Would I still be able to use an Autarch with the new codex if I built him based on what he can have in the index/old codex?
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A question on Autarchs... Empty
PostSubject: Re: A question on Autarchs...   A question on Autarchs... I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 16 2017, 22:53

Yep! GW has confirmed on multiple occasions that you can make an Index legal build using Codex point values for gear and models.

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A question on Autarchs...
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