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 First tournament 1000p nedd advises ynnari

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First tournament 1000p nedd advises ynnari Empty
PostSubject: First tournament 1000p nedd advises ynnari   First tournament 1000p nedd advises ynnari I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 16 2017, 19:20

Hello guys, in two weeks i go to my fisrt tournament and i need your advises and opinion on the list i will bring. I expect some DA, tau, nids, DG, space marine, orks and craftword. The rules of the day are no forged world, no lord of war and a maximum of two detachments.

Vanguad detachement: 995 points

Hq: 450 points
-The Yncarne

    psy: doom, fortune and smite

Elites: 237 points
    +2 ld



Fast attack: 308 points
-Razorwing flocks
     squad of 10

-Razorwing flocks
      squad of 10

For a total of 995 points and 4 commands points. The plan is to push for ward whit the army a screen all the characters whit the flocks. I plan to kill something squish first or second turn whit the solitaire for summoning the yncarne early in the battle and give FNP and fearless to my flocks. The farseer will cast doom on key unit for helping my poor S2. Whit that 80% of my army will be able to re-roll tohit and to wound. I am waiting for yours idea and sorry for the poor quality of my English this is not my native language.
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First tournament 1000p nedd advises ynnari
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