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 De vs Necrons 1500, the Necrons and DE vs Tau and SM

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De vs Necrons 1500, the Necrons and DE vs Tau and SM Empty
PostSubject: De vs Necrons 1500, the Necrons and DE vs Tau and SM   De vs Necrons 1500, the Necrons and DE vs Tau and SM I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 03 2017, 11:32

First game
Fun game with my Necrons friend yesterday.
He was a bit mad about the previous game where he fielded a footslogging horde, and i made him walk the entire table, refusing to put myself into range, and where he did nothing of the game while my 36" weapons turned him to ashes. So this time, he fielded 2 Triarch Stalkers, a command barge, 12 Tomb Blades, and an Obelisk.

I had :
- Haemy
- 2*10 kabs with DL in dissie raider
- 1*10 wyches in dissie raider
- 2*5 hellions
- 1 RWJF
- 1 dissie ravager
- 10 mandrakes

He got first, but i had deployed so far away he could only shoot at my plane, and inflicted 3 damage to it. He didn't DS his Obelisk yet (probably wanted his troops to get closer because otherwise i could OS it in a single turn).

I got myself into range. The mass poison fire, along with the dissies, burned through a whole unit of 6 tomb blades. My mandrakes DSed near a Triarch Stalker, and inflicted 4 damage to it (but failed to charge it, and one died to overwatch).

His second turn, he burned my hellions (i was happy for the distraction they offered), destroyed the wych raider, and charged the wyches with his command barge. The Obelisk deep strikes behind me, targeted my Haemy with the 12 S5 shots, and my ravager with the particle whip. The haemy suffered 1 HP, and the ravager was seriously injured, but both survived. He killed 1 wych in CC, and the wyches took 2 Wounds from the Overlord.

My second turn, the second unit of Tomb Blades got destroyed (monoscythe missiles for the win !). The mandrakes shot the first triarch stalker to death, then charged the second one (that got damaged by Dark lances shots that got through the Quantum Shielding) and destroyed it. Good boys ! The overlord killed no wych, and lost another 2 hps.

His third turn, he had only his Obelisk and his Command Barge remaining. He destroyed the ravager, and damaged a raider. Killed another wych, took another damage point.

My third turn, it was over. Every heavy weapon turned onto the obelisk and made quick work of it, while the mandrakes finished the command barge that was already seriously injured by the wyches.

It was a fun game. He tried some units he had never tried before... was disappointed with the Tomb Blades, but the Obelisk seemed fun. He however agrees with me for the fact that the current Necrons are very underpowered, even for an index.

Second game

Some other friends arrived. The SM player is a relatively new player and we settled for a 1000necrons + 1000 DE VS 1000 tau and 1000 SM.
I played
- Haemy
- 2*10 Wracks with Ossefactor in DL raider
- 10 wyches in DL raider
- 10 mandrakes
- 5 hellions

Necron player :
- 2*10 immortals with tesla
- 3 heavy destroyers
- Anrakyr
- Orikan
- Triarch stalker

SM player :
- Land raider
- 2*10 Tac with plasma
- 3 bikes
- Captain

T'au player :
- Hammerhead
- Riptide (that i had gifted him that very day ^^)
- 20 fire warriors
- 3 crisis
- Crisis commander

They deployed at the very edge of the table, and proceeded to damage 2 of my raiders with the Land Raider and the Hammerhead in the first turn (6 damage on each).

In our first turn, we could only walk to them.

Their second turn saw the end of my wych raider, but not much more (efficient 5+ saves !). They also deepstrikes the crisis behind us, and shot 5 wyches (very poor shooting phase for them).

Our second turn : the mandrakes DSed near the Hammerhead, and damaged it, but failed to charge. My remaining 5 wyches and 3 hellions charged the Crisis, and killed 2. The heavy destroyers and my DL damaged the Land Raider a bit. Not much. The Tachion Arbalest failed to do anything. I shot my ossefactors at the bikes, and killed 2.

Their 3rd turn, their destroyed another raider, and proceeded to shoot the heck out of the wracks, but they... held to everything. 40 bolters shots, plasma from everywhere, everything the Riptide could throw to them... i am famous for my glorious 5+ inv rolls, but those wracks just didn't want to die that day. He also continued to ignore the necrons that continued to advance and shoot them.

Our third turn, i destroyed the rest of the crisis, and continued to damage the hammerhead. I killed the biker, and killed 3 Tacs with the ossefactors. 7 Fire warriors died to tesla fire.

Then we realized it was 10 PM, and everybody was hungry, so was call it a game and went for some pizza.

It was overall very fun : the 2v2 is always very compelling, and that game was brutal and interesting. My wyches slaughtering 250pts of Crisis was really something, but my raiders dying everyturn to the massive Land Raider+hammerhead+Riptide firepower was even more frightening.
It was my first game with 4 ossefactors, and they are a BLAST to play. I was proxying wracks from kabs, but they are definitly on my to-buy list.

My Kabal
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De vs Necrons 1500, the Necrons and DE vs Tau and SM
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