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 Craftworld Detachments

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PostSubject: Craftworld Detachments   Craftworld Detachments I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 01 2017, 01:15

My understanding of the Craftworlds Abilities section on p116 is that it's fine to have a Battle Forged army composed of one Craftworlds detachment and one or two Drukhari or generic Aeldari detachments, and that Cr aftworld detachment will benefit from Attributes and Strategems.

Is this wrong? I hope that's so but I feel like it's not...

Same regarding the Warlord Traits....the only requirement to gain a trait is that the Warlord be a Craftworlds Character.

I wouldn't think this would be the case but I seriously can't tell from the rules I've read and figure the internet will sober me.
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PostSubject: Re: Craftworld Detachments   Craftworld Detachments I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 01 2017, 05:01

Mostly right.

The Path of War (ObSec) and Craftworld Attributes apply to a Craftworlds detachment where all units share the same Craftworld. You can add other detachments to the army without affecting that.

Stratagems require a Craftworlds detachment that isn't an Auxiliary Support Detachment. Again, if you have one Craftworld detachment and other detachments you can use Craftworlds stratagems. They can apply to any unit with the relevant keywords, which could be from a non-Craftworlds detachment.

Warlord traits need a Craftworlds warlord - not necessarily in a Craftworlds detachment. Likewise Relics can be assigned with a Craftworlds warlord.

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Craftworld Detachments
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