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 Newbie listbuilding help- 2000 Points

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Newbie listbuilding help- 2000 Points Empty
PostSubject: Newbie listbuilding help- 2000 Points   Newbie listbuilding help- 2000 Points I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 26 2017, 17:47

Hello folks,

I have an upcoming 2000 points match versus Craftworld Eldar. We are both playing on Index-niveau and I would like to hear some of your suggestions regarding units und strategies.

As I am relatively new to the playing hobby and haven't played versus Craftworlds at all, I do not have the knowledge on what to bring and what better stays at home.

I have something from everything besides coven units, I was thinking about bringing some raiders stuffed with kabalites and poison. Venoms filled with trueborn and special weapons and maybe one or two squads incubi? Maybe bring in some scrouges and reavers/hellions or even a razorwing.

As I have no Idea what he is bringing I am unsure what I should bring. I am hoping on some suggestions from you guys! Thanks in advance Smile

Edit: Can I just put in a farseer to buff/debuff something? I know its not fluffy but hey, Biel-Tan sometimes fights with the Drukhari.
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Newbie listbuilding help- 2000 Points
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