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 Exotic Weapon Concepts

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PostSubject: Exotic Weapon Concepts   Exotic Weapon Concepts I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 09 2017, 11:25

To be clear, this is not a rules discussion. This thread is to generate some concepts for weapons for the DE that are not poison or Darklight. Please do not suggest stats, or if you really must then spoiler them, as this is more for fluff ideas than rules.

So without further ado, I want to discuss the kind of cool toys that the DE could use.

1) The Atmosphere Annihilator. Because what is more DE than stealing your victim's final breath? This does pretty much what it says on the tin: it destroys or displaces the atmosphere in an area, leaving your foes gasping in vacuum for a second or so before the rush of air filling the void hits like a sledgehammer. Great vs light infantry, not so much against sealed power armour.

2) The Agony Beam. I do not know why this isn't already a thing for us. It overstimulates the targets pain receptors, leaving them crippled and helpless in agony.

3) Essence of Paranoia. An alternative loadout to the phantasm grenade launcher, it... you're plotting against me, aren't you?!? You can't get me if I get you first! *Blam*

4) Extract of the final scream. Recorded torture sessions against the target race, being played over their own vox network while images are projected onto the ominous clouds, generated specifically for this purpose. Because presentation is everything.

5) Nightmare Rain. portable weather machines that create clouds full of toxic and corrosive rain, because conventional artillery is for the lesser races.
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PostSubject: Re: Exotic Weapon Concepts   Exotic Weapon Concepts I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 09 2017, 14:17

Myorancis Gun - Sends a hollow point bullet into the flesh of their enemies which releases a bacteria that automatically circumnavigates the body until it reaches the pain center of the brain, their it begins firing nerve endings causing intense pain, it will only kill when the victim has been given an antibiotic that only the Haemonculus carries, an excellent way for collecting slaves.

Negation Field - Dropped on outposts and cities before an attack, the field negates all light that enters it turning sunlight to night and dark colours bright, exactly like a negative photograph. It is deployed to cause havoc on their foes and has the bonus of making all sights and scopes used by the enemy utterly useless.

Dredging Hulls - As the craft of the Drukhari fly over their enemies, barbed chains and flails hang from their hulls that dig into flesh and armour dragging those unfortunate enough to be entangled flailing after the craft they are no attached to.

Exotic Weapon Concepts Bebhwj
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PostSubject: Re: Exotic Weapon Concepts   Exotic Weapon Concepts I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 09 2017, 16:45

The flayer-rifle : every Kabalite likes to have a little bit of Mon-keig skin to decorate his uniform, but flaying can be a tiresome process. Here is the solution for you lazy kabalites : the flayer-rifle ! Projecting beams of ultra-concentrated air waves, it joyfully peels the skin layers from your enemies. The best part ? It doesn't kill.

The Existential Toxin : "Where do we come from ? Why are we here ? What is the meaning of life, death and everything ?". Pain can come in all forms, and some Haemonculi have discovered ways to tickle the unsolvable questions buried in the mind of every sentient being. With the help of a little drug, all those questions will submerge the victim, drowning him in a sea of questions without answers. Mental breakdown guaranteed.

The Blackmail Ray : Dark Eldar technology truly is close to magic. They have somehow crafted a weapon that, when pointed against an enemy, will instantly kill every single living relative the target has, wherever they are. The Emperor forbids that weapon to be pointed at a Primarch...

My Kabal
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PostSubject: Re: Exotic Weapon Concepts   Exotic Weapon Concepts I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 09 2017, 18:12

Skyrift Breacher:

What is worse than a slave raid at night? A daylight slave raid that brings the night to its victims. But what is worse, the nightsky is actually a peek into forbidden zones of the webway where eldritch abominations live and you can spot the occassional eye and tentacle trying to push through into realspace. Such devices are extremely rare and most known uses were from a Haemonculus Coven. They cause a temporary realspace/webway rift that surrounds parts of a plan.

Normally, nothing comes through, though. Normally.

Quasar Lance:

Remember how we harvest Dark Mastter from Black holes to power Darklight weaponry? Quasar Lances harness the massive power collected from the active galactive nuclei, located in the core of our galaxy. It's essentially Dark Matter, only a million times more powerful... and unstable.

This was intended for a superheavy flyer in my 7th edition and is essentially a D-weapon.

Nova Vortex Generator:

Such devices share a similar concept to that of the Void Mine, in which an explosion of near-apocalyptic strength is taimed by a second device to make it manageable for a slave-raid. The explosion of a Nove Vortex Generators fields the same yield as an unshielded Void Mine, but has an encapsulating time dilation field. You gradually see the massive destruction unfold, where a huge part of the population sees their inevitable demize creeping slowly towards them. While the overall impact is less powerful, the explosion is sustained for a very long time.

This bomb was intended for the same flyer that was supposed to field Quasar Lances.

Shrieker Rifles:

These rifles are named after the horrifying shriek of the ammo when it is shot (and also its victims). Individual shots actually are sentient leech-like mini-tendrils that partially consume a target's soul by evoking terroizing emotions and hallucinations. Even when a shot does not penetrate a target's armor, it will try to creep into the weak armor parts to sting it and dig deeper.

After a raid, these beings are immediately harvested and processed.
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PostSubject: Re: Exotic Weapon Concepts   Exotic Weapon Concepts I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 09 2017, 21:09

Thrasher Rounds: Alternate loadout for splinter carbines, that mimic Tyranid ammunition. Tiny, tightly coiled springs that uncoil and writhe around in the victim's body causing heinous wounds.

Moonfoe Skyboards: Big honking skyboards with a broader blade profile for just tearing through hordes of weaker foes.

Surgesaber: A sword with that can deliver a brutal electric shock, enough to stun and incapacitate any foe it hits. Doesn't have any crazy ornamentation or anything, so it's a total surprise to the victim.
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PostSubject: Re: Exotic Weapon Concepts   Exotic Weapon Concepts I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 09 2017, 21:24

Grotescification virus. Mutates several enemies so that their bodies fuse and Form a rampaging Grotesque.

Brain leech. A parasite that nests inside a victims head and rapidly multiplies. The victim is in agony and tries to kill himself by crushing it's skull. Problem is that if it succeeds, a huge load of bugs is released into the rest of the squad.

The pain projector is the stinger pods, I think.

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PostSubject: Re: Exotic Weapon Concepts   Exotic Weapon Concepts I_icon_minitime

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Exotic Weapon Concepts
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