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 Playing first game tomorrow

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PostSubject: Playing first game tomorrow   Playing first game tomorrow I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 04 2017, 23:46

Hey all,

Sorry for the super generic / ambiguous post but here it goes. I'm playing my first game in ages tomorrow, including my first game of 8th. I was just hoping for some suggestions on what's decent, what's not so decent anymore. I'm going to make two lists for two games and both are going to be aimed at just trying stuff out... regardless I'd like a bit of input before I start.

The goal of the lists is to be mainly CC oriented but with decent shooting. I read through the rules really quick and I think it seems important to "bumper car" enemy vehicles a lot, try to get into CC and dance around with lances / dis cannons and pick away at certain targets.

I have a lot of models so basically any suggestions can "probably"  be fielded by be... although I'm lacking Archon Court models... which stinks because I thought the Slyth seem cool.

What's the best basic troop choices these days? Five man warriors? How are wyches? Are people still doing the venom spam? Blasters seem nice and five man units appear to be good, at least in my mind.

It's going to be an 1850pnt list. I am currently writing one now and will post in here after I'm done.

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PostSubject: Re: Playing first game tomorrow   Playing first game tomorrow I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 05 2017, 11:22

CC is not what we do, best CC units we have are Clawed Fiends with a Haemy behind them for the toughness boost. If you want CC units other than those you will need to bring in some Harlies, fusions and carresses on a troupe makes for a great close killy unit.

Bumper carring is fun but only when necessary, useless against flyers and I, personally, like to utilise terrain instead to keep my vehicles safe and lance from 18" (which seems to be our sweet spot).

I find incubi and trueborn riding in raiders, standard warriors in ravagers (this splits up target priority for your opponent to everything) and standard warriors in venoms.

This is what works for me anyway.

Playing first game tomorrow Bebhwj
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PostSubject: Re: Playing first game tomorrow   Playing first game tomorrow I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 05 2017, 17:41

Haemies don't give toughness boosts to beasts.
Quote :

standard warriors in ravagers

The hot value right now is the ravager/RWJF. Be sure to get some, they give incredibly valuable AT power (or AI/AT with the dissies). You need those even for a CC army.

For the CC part, Incubi are pretty good at elite killing. Mandrakes are fine at mixing CC and range, and Clawed Fiends aren't bad at all.

I also consider Wracks to be a good value, and since the Haemy is the hottest HQ right now, fielding a small force of T5 troops can be fun to play and make some shock assault troops. The Ossefactor is also quite nice. Don't touch the liquefier, though.

I would suggest playing a strategy of Hammer/Anvil, where the Hammer would be Incubi and Beasts and the Anvil would be Wracks+Haemy.

My Kabal
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PostSubject: Re: Playing first game tomorrow   Playing first game tomorrow I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 06 2017, 05:32

I play Incubi, Mandrakes, and Khymerae/Clawed Fiends for combat. But the only unit I really expect and get solid results from? The Incubi.

Beasts have a large footprint which can help a transport or group of transports that are moving up a board edge and just need a flank covered, screening deep strikes and charges is really their big thing for me, the fact that they eat low armour infantry is just a bonus.

Mandrakes can do some light fighting and better shooting but are also good on turn 3 to drop in and try tying up vehicles and even targeting any vehicle on its last leg with the Baleblasts. But I don't find them really reliable in a combat role unless they were picking off some stragglers. I see them more as a disruption when they're in low numbers.

Incubi, on the other hand, are blenders, and the Klaivex's occasional ability to do buckets of damage just helps them mulch characters. Pretty fragile even with the 3+ so just know what you're trying to achieve and whether it's worth it when you let them out of their transport, they don't cost a lot but if they're used carefully they can get a lot done.

I tried my old Coven stuff earlier in the summer and I found it just didn't really have the same oomph as it did before, but at the same time when I'm playing a list that isn't Warrior spam a lone unit of Wracks will probably get more done than a lone unit of Warriors, so I might try them out.
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PostSubject: Re: Playing first game tomorrow   Playing first game tomorrow I_icon_minitime

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Playing first game tomorrow
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