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 Aeldari Cherrypicking 2000

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PostSubject: Aeldari Cherrypicking 2000   Aeldari Cherrypicking 2000 I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 29 2017, 01:01

Hey all. Decided to take advantage of the whole deal where we can cherry pick the best units out of Aeldari. Thought I'd have some fun since I picked some stuff up for super cheap.

Farseer - Witchblade
Maugan Ra

9x Incubi, Klaivex with Klaive

2x5 Kabalite Warriors, 1 Blaster
2x5 Kabalite Warriors, 1 Blaster, Phantasm Grenade Launcher

Heavy Support
2x4 Dark Reapers, including Exarch w/ Reaper Launcher

Dedicated Transport
4x Venoms for Kabalites
Raider for Incubi

Spearhead Detachment

Warlock - Witchblade, Conceal/Reveal

Heavy Support
3x Ravager - 3x Dark Lances

Maugan Ra (not my first choice, but got him cheap), Farseer, and Warlock babysit the Dark Reaper gunline. Kabs provide screening and objective capture. Solitaire and Incubi wait it out a turn or two, and punish anything that tries to run up on the gunline.

It's not gonna win any GTs, but I am going for a fairly spicy TAC list. Thoughts?

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PostSubject: Re: Aeldari Cherrypicking 2000   Aeldari Cherrypicking 2000 I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 02 2017, 09:54

Hi there!

You are probably taking Guide for your Farseer so I will merge the 2 units of Dark Reapers into one to maximize the re-roll to hit. Fortune could be useful too on that using as your Farseer will probably not be able to use Doom all the time. The +1 Ld warlord trait could help you in the morale phase too if you take causalities on the big unit.

I'm not sold on Maugan Ra, I will probably play Yvraine instead and go Ynnari by putting her, the big Dark Reapers unit and two Ravagers in the Spearhead Detachment to potentially fire your Guided Reapers twice every turn

Also, take a look at the Aeldari Missile Launcher for the Reaper Exarch: it's not that different than the Launcher but it's a bit cheaper

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Aeldari Cherrypicking 2000
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