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 Escalation week 1 500 pts

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Escalation week 1 500 pts Empty
PostSubject: Escalation week 1 500 pts   Escalation week 1 500 pts I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 28 2017, 23:33

I'm in a 16 player escalation league in my area, and decided to go Harlequins (as just about every army is being represented). My first match up is against orks, which is not favorable at 500 points. He will outnumber me by far. So the list I decided to go with is:

Shadow Seer w/Neuro Disruptor
2 Sky Weavers w/Glaive
2 Sky Weavers w/Glaive
2 Sky Weavers w/Glaive

I'm only running 7 models, but they are faster and have better range than trying to fit in as many troupes as possible. My goal is to keep distance, and pray he rolls poorly with his 5+ (6+ against mirage launchers) while I pepper him with shuriken shots. The Shadow Seer will be using the power that makes a unit -1 to hit. Rendering 1 enemy unit useless in the shooting phase. Smite and the Grenade Launcher will be used to dish out mortal wounds.

Probably not the most effective, but again, I feel safer running 6 bikes over troupes in this game. Next game is at 1000, where I am adding in 2 units of troupes (1 with all caresses, and Troupe Leader w/Caress, and another unit with all Embraces, both units running in Star Weavers). I'll feel much more durable in my next battle.
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Escalation week 1 500 pts
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