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PostSubject: Dark Eldar    Dark Eldar  I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 15 2017, 02:49

Bringing some Kabal allies to my normal Wych Cult army for an upcoming tournament.

2,000 pts
Battalion Detachment

Archon (Warlord) - Blaster, phantasm grenade launcher, agoniser [76]
Succubus {Hypex} - Blast pistol [82]

Sslyth [44]
Incubi (5) [90]

Wyches {Adrenalight} (9) - Blast pistol, agoniser, hydra gauntlet [99]
Kabalite Warriors (5) - Blaster [50]
Kabalite Warriors (5) - Blaster [50]
Kabalite Warriors (5) - Blaster [50]

Reavers {Painbringer} (6) - 2x blasters, 2x grav-talons [220]
Hellions {Grave Lotus} (10) [170]
Scourges (5) [70]

Ravager - 3x dark lances, shock prow [156]
Ravager - 3x dark lances, shock prow [156]

Razorwing Jetfighter - 2x dark lances, splinter cannon [170]

Raider - Dark lance, shock prow [116]
Raider - Dark lance, shock prow [116]
Venom - 2x splinter cannons [95]
Venom - 2x splinter cannons [95]
Venom - 2x splinter cannons [95]

The Archon, Sslyth, and Incubi ride in one Raider and the Succubus and Wyches ride in the other. Kabalite Warriors each get a Venom.

I like this new setup of drugs. Grave Lotus is great for Hellions considering most of their targets are toughness 4. Seeing as though Reavers are so expensive (still worth it imo), Painbringer is a nice added defense for them. Hypex on the Succubus allows for better placement of her aura. Adrenalight on Wyches is pretty straightforward.

Would love to hear what you all think!
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Eldar    Dark Eldar  I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 15 2017, 12:40

I'm not quite getting a few of your choices, I'm going to just kind of ramble on about each of them for a moment so you can maybe consider whether you still want to stick with them or not.

Splinter Cannons - by my count you are paying 60 points for s.cannon upgrades across your army.
This is getting you +4-8 splinter shots.
Considering you could pay 70 points for 5 Scourges with shardcarbines and get +15 splinter shots I would personally suggest that this is not a lot of value for you. I could easily see using those points to upgrade dark lances to Dissies (which, barring very high tougness opponents will do better for you versus infantry than the poison, and still be good against mech). I would also suggest that the extra points could go into more Hellions (as I think they benefit from being a larger swarm, both to help absorb damage on the way in, and also to let them serve as better area denial at setup if needed)

I don't like to dog on Reavers, but I will note that for what you're paying for that squad, you could buy a triple Lance or Dissie Ravager and have points left over. I like fielding them myself, but probably wouldn't go Reavers for a tournament.

I don't get your Wych and Succubus setup. I'll ignore the blast pistol thing, as I figure that's just playstyle preference, but let's at least talk the Agoniser. You're paying to put it on a Hekatrix, who will have 3 attacks after drugs, hitting on 3+, re-rolling ones.
The Succubus is right there, and for the exact same cost you could put the Aggie on her for 4 attacks, hitting on 2+, re-rolling ones (and she has more wounds). That is just better, so why not put the Aggie on her instead of the Hekatrix?

My thoughts,

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