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 1500 pts vs Blood Angels

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1500 pts vs Blood Angels Empty
PostSubject: 1500 pts vs Blood Angels   1500 pts vs Blood Angels I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 05 2017, 17:16

The mission was the scouring, but that didn't seem to matter in the end.

My list:
Archon - Blaster, Agonisor (in Raider with Warriors)
Succubus - Splinter Pistol and Archite Glaive (in Raider with Wyches)
5 Warriors - 1 blaster in Venom 2 SC
5 Warriors - 1 blaster in Venom 2 SC
9 Warriors - 1 blaster in Raider
9 Wyches - in Raider
5 Incubi - in Venom 2 SC
5 Mandrakes
5 Scourges - 4 blasters
1 DL Ravager
1 RWJF - 2 DL and 1 SC

BA List: (can't remember all of his loadouts)
Primaris Lt
Captain in Power Armor
Sanguinary Priest
1 Stormraven
5 Devastators - missile launchers
5 Rangers - sniper rifles
5 Rangers - Sniper Rifles
5 Terminators - storm bolters and power fist
9 Death Company - with jump packs in Storm Raven
5 Primaris Tac squad (intercessors i think)
5 Primaris Tac squad

I had first turn, but he stole the initiative.

BA Turn 1:
He dropped his terminators in my backfield. He destroyed the raider carrying the wyches, put 2 wounds on the Venom carrying the incubi. He then shot up all of the wyches and put 2 wounds on my succubus with his rangers.

DE Turn 1:
Pretty lousy 1st turn. Scourge came in. I put everything into the Stormraven and only managed a couple of wounds. Shot some splinter weapons at the terminators and only managed 1 wound. Incubi got out to charge the terminators. Made it into CC against the terminators with my Venom, Succubus and Incubi. Only managed to kill 2, leaving another with 1 wound. Lost 3 Incubi in the CC.

BA Turn 2:
Fell back with his terminators (he won the roll off for falling back from my succubus), disembarked his Death Company. He shot and killed the incubi, venom and succubus that were previously in CC. Put a couple wounds on my ravager. Shot and wiped my unit of scourges.

DE Turn 2:
This is where the game started to change. I once again put everything into his Stormraven and this time managed to kill it. The ravager put 10 wounds on it doing most of the heavy lifting. I had maneuvered some of my warrior squads in range of the terminators and Death Company and wiped them all. The blasters were focused on the terminators and the splinter fire focused on the Death Company.

BA Turn 3:
He shot his Devastators at my Ravager but I made my saves. He managed a couple of wounds on my Raider carrying the warriors.

DE Turn 3:
Killed a unit of rangers with mass splinter fire and wiped his unit of Devastators with Blasters and DLs. Mandrakes came in and between their shooting and Splinter fire from a nearby venom, killed a unit of Intercessors.

BA Turn 4:
He realized that he didn't have enough speed and enough firepower to deal with my vehicles, so he called it at this point.

I was honestly a little nervous after he stole the initiative, but once I weathered the storm of the 1st two turns, the tide quickly swung in my favor. Especially once I destroyed his Stormraven. If he would've focused down my ravager, the game could've been different, but I made sure to keep it out of LOS from his Devastators.

No units really stood out as the MVP of the battle, but each unit had their role and performed it well. I wasn't happy about sacrificing my Incubi to his terminators, but it did keep them out of my back lines which was huge.
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1500 pts vs Blood Angels
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