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 Favorite form of torture

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PostSubject: Favorite form of torture   Favorite form of torture I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 26 2017, 10:27

Ah torture, we all do it but everyone does it differently, so I ask you what is your personal favorite method of torture? which of the races is your favorite to torture? which is your least favorite? which do you make playthings and which do you send to fight in the arena? I want every last gory detail.

In my personal opinion I find that the Mon-keigh make the best playthings, they know nothing of true pain, they despair so easily, only when they convince them selves it can't get any worse do I make it worse, they repeat that process over and over and over by the time they think they've hit rock bottom I make them suffer even more.

As for the best for the arena it has to be a tie between the Mon-keigh Astares, and the green skin "elite" they both think they can kill anything and there is nothing more satisfying than the look on their faces when their guts are in the sand at their feet.

Last but not least is my personal favorite method of torturing a Mon-keigh plaything.

first I strap them to a wall with no possible way of ending their suffering

then I cut off their eyelids and wait for their eyes to shrivel up and dry out

then I pluck out the shriveled up eyes so it hightens all their other senses

then I flay their genitals and take a take a paintbrush dipped in vinegar and lather it on their skinless crotch

after the I leave them in complete darkness for 3 days with a bucket of water dripping on their head drop by drop

when I return I remove the bucket, their so used to it they beg for me to put it back, I never do of course

then I flay the rest of their body and dunk them in a vat of vinegar before cuffing their legs together with manacles made of rock salt

then they go off into the arena all the sand replaced with salt and I have the entire crowd chant "no escape".

and last but not least I drag them to the highest spire in my palace and loop a strand of monofilament around their neck, sharp enough to cut flesh but dull enough not to cut bone, then I lower them so they dangle over the streets of Commorragh as the monofilament slowly cuts into their neck until it hits their spine and stops.

That ladies and gentlemen is how the wych cult of razor noose got its name
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Favorite form of torture
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