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 Ynnari Take-All-Comers list comparison

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Ynnari Take-All-Comers list comparison Empty
PostSubject: Ynnari Take-All-Comers list comparison   Ynnari Take-All-Comers list comparison I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 24 2017, 01:59

Hey all,

Thought I'd look at some Ynnari (inb4REEEEE). Before I start buying or proxying models, I'd like to get some opinions on two lists.

I am looking to bring some heat as my gaming buddies are starting to do competitive meta lists on the regular.

Both lists have a similar core -
Yvraine sits in the back with Dark Reapers and Ravagers, letting the Reapers shoot twice and giving one of the Ravagers reroll of 1s to hit.
The Kabalites act as screeners and also ObSec to camp on objectives.

List 1 - Walkers Variant - Bloodbrides rush up the field, War Walkers scout up with Farseer hanging out in the Kabalites and providing Guide/Doom support.

List 2 - Harlequins Variant - Harlequins play in the opponent's face and do what they do.

Lay it on me, folks!

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Ynnari Take-All-Comers list comparison Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ynnari Take-All-Comers list comparison   Ynnari Take-All-Comers list comparison I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 24 2017, 07:58

First of, I am not that experienced, but it seems pretty ok to me for the most part.
I think the bloodbrides might struggle a bit on their own. Not that they cannot work, but setting 1 unit lose in the enemy backfield means they will die, and they are quite expensive for a throwaway unit, so I am unsure what you want to accomplish with them. To expensive as a speed bumb, not killy enough as a hammer, just tying up a unit is done as well but cheaper by wyches. Or is it more that with the choice of drugs you can change them from a slightly more punching to a more durable unit depending on what you need, which could be a good argument for them. Just make sure you know why you take them.

I am also unsure about the kabalites. Unlike what most people here will tell you, 10 kabalites on foot are not really bad (not conscript good either, but quite usefull for objectives and just a large number of shots). But their equipment makes me wonder what you plan with them.
I am not a big fan of splinter cannons, I would usually prefer 2 more bodies, since they can just walk up the field and worry a lot less about to hit problems, give 2 additional wounds, and at close range shoot as well or better. Expecially since you gave them blasters that are short range indicating a more mobile in your face unit.
So I would advise to change their loadout a little bit. To either lose the blaster and sit back far away (possibly taking a dark lance instead of a splinter cannon and in this case with the points left over upgrade a ravager dark lance to a dissie). Or lose the splinter cannon and walk forward (either splitting them so you get 2 units of 5 with blasters for the same price or also upgrading to some dissies).
While the versitality of being able to stay back and move forward is great, I find that most people will nearly always do either one or the other (more depending on their playstyle then on the opponent). And you can always make one unit more short ranged and one more long ranged.
Splitting 1 unit into 5 man squads also means you can during startup easily cover a large field to stop deep strikers, which might otherwise become an issue with the lack of walkers in the harlequin version?

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Ynnari Take-All-Comers list comparison
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